My life has endless blank pages…

which meant all rain!  It poured the entire time we were running, and we were all completely soaked by half a mile in.  We might have grumbled and complained about being wet and cold and squishing our toes in our wet sneakers, but this is nothing compared to what cancer patients have to endure, and thus, we stuck it out.

Shin splints will keep me from running for the next 7 days.  They started bothering me on Monday and I tried to keep going, but Mondays run turned into a walk.  Tuesday I rested and Wednesday attempted the midweek run.  Usually I’m at the front of the A group, but that night I barely made to the end, and I had to walk quite a bit.  Thursday I rested.  Friday (my furlough day), I was up at 530am to take Kat to the airport, so I figured I’d try to get a run in at the harbor since I was already out there.  I did ok; they were burning, but not as bad as they were on Wednesday.  I jog/walked for almost an hour and then headed into work for a couple hours.  I iced both shins last night for about half an hour (thank you frozen bags of edamame!) and kept them elevated all night (not so comfortable since I’m a stomach sleeper!), hoping that it would help.  Got to session this morning, barely made it 1/4 of a mile before they started burning 😦  I stuck it out though and jog/walked for 3 miles, although slowly and in pain the entire time.  I had to walk back though, because they were not about to put up with running.  So I got grounded by Coach Ronnie and my awesome Mentor Brigid.  Cross training only for the next 7 days, no running, and I have to go see a specialist to have him do some adjustments.


But I hit 50% of my fundraising goal! Thank you to everyone who has made a donation, whether online or mailed in a check.  You are making this possible for me, and motivating me every mile, even through the pain!  There is still plenty of time to make a donation, so if you haven’t already and still wish to, PLEASE DO! Pass on my link to family and friends, coworkers, bosses, etc. You never know who has a connection to cancer and wants to make a difference!


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