My life has endless blank pages…


Went to my first spinning class in about 7 years (and only my 2nd one ever!) on Monday and MAN! that bad boy works muscles I didn’t even know I had! I was in so much pain in the middle of the class, my quads were burning up a storm and my legs almost gave out, but the music from Germany and Cuba that the instructor was playing was enough to keep my grooving to the music. 

Yesterday I went to the dr (specializes in sports injury and rehab).  Apparently, 2 joints in both of my feet were locked, which is why there was so much pain in my shins and calves.  When I’d toe off while running, because the joints were locked, my toes weren’t able to flex, which was putting pressure on my calves/shins.  To protect them from injury, they would tighten.  HELLO more pain! He popped the joints back/unlocked them, so hopefully this will help a lot.  I have to go get it done one more time (in about 2 weeks) and he said they should stay permanently unlocked after that.  But still no running for the rest of the week to allow the shins and calves time to heal from the damage I had already done to them.  So after work I went to the gym and just did the stationary bike for about 35 minutes and then went home.  I bought a foam roller from the Dr. and tried it out. HOLY CRAP! That thing found every single knot I had in my legs and with the pressure of your weight on it, it (very painfully) works them out and is a great stretching tool.  It’s painful while you’re doing it (enough to make my eyes water a lot), but will feel so amazing when all the knots are gone.  I should be doing that anywhere from 10-20 minutes every night and it should help tremendously.  But for now, I’m still sore!

Today is my rest day.  Tomorrow I have yoga planned for during the day and then the gym after work to do some cardio/bike work/stretching/free weights.  Friday (normally a complete rest day), I have yoga scheduled.  It’s not really core/cardio work, so I figure the stretching can’t hurt.  Saturday is yoga downtown SD and then I’ll try to jog on my legs at the harbor with my coworker Adrienne and see how they feel.  We’re all supposed to be running the Race for Literacy 8k on Sunday, but it all depends on how my legs are doing. Ay yay yay.


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