My life has endless blank pages…

Family time

This past weekend was great. Flew home Friday morning for a weekend full of family and birthday celebrations.  Adrienne and her mom picked me up from the airport and we had an amazing pancake breakfast (I’ve been craving blueberry pancakes for about a week!) and then they dropped me back at the airport to wait for some of the Varella’s to arrive.  Met up with Adam, Chantel and Uncle John and drove to Fairfield. HELLO RAIN! When I left San Diego, it was gorgeous. I pull up in Sacramento and it’s grey, gloomy and rainy. Got into town around 4pm and the rest of the night was filled with catching up, and setting up for the party.

Saturday morning I woke up early and tried to do the 9 mile run that I would have been doing if I was at group session.  That didn’t happen.  My shins were ON FIRE after about a mile and a half. At least I got that done, but it’s so frustrating.  I was getting back into shape and this injury has put me back where I was when I started. After that, it was just walking around base.
Grandma’s party was great! Old friends and family showed up, we had a ton of good food, tons of picture taking (we’re Filipino, come on!) and conversing.  We played foosball, air hockey and even busted out the mahjong table/set for a quick game.  Then the real fun started! Manny Pacquiao fight! House full of varying generations of Filipinos and you’re bound to have a good time.  Even the 70 year old Lola’s were putting in money to see what round Pacquiao would win!

Sunday (last day at home)… Day before Dad’s 50th birthday.  Went to my parents house and took my dad to lunch so that my mom and sister could decorate the house and get all the guests inside and hiding.  I tried to eat as SLOW as I possibly could to give them enough time haha.  Get home and SURPRISE! It was a good party, he got a few awesome gifts and I had a nice nap at the end.  Then my final goodbyes and back on my way to the Sacramento airport. Completely jam packed flight, a small nap interrupted by the lady behind me constantly pulling at my set, which in turn pulled my hair everytime, and then I was back in San Diego.

Had my follow-up appointment with Dr. Chad yesterday.  The joints in my feet had in fact locked up again.  He popped them/unlocked the joints once more, and hopefully it won’t need to be done.  I’m off running for another week though.  Even though this Saturday is supposed to be our 10 mile Trolley Run, he said to crosstrain the rest of the week, then try to run about 3 miles on Saturday and see how my legs feel.  SHIN SPLINTS, PLEASE HURRY UP AND HEAL!! THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING!!  Went to TKB last night since spin class was full and HOLY HELL, it kicked my butt and every other body part.  My ribcage is SORE.  Tonight I’m going to try to go to spin class, but need to leave earlier this time!

Spring Training is only 9 days away!!! Goooo Mariners!


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