My life has endless blank pages…

First day back to running in about 2.5-3 weeks.  Dr. said to only do 3 miles on Saturday, but the 1/2 marathoners were scheduled to do 4.1, so I just decided to run with them.  Saturday was the trolley run.  Park and hop on the trolley at Morena, ride it downtown and then run from downtown SD back to your car! About 1/2 a mile into the run, my new insoles starting rubbing wrong on the arch of my right foot, so for the remaining 3.5 miles, I was favoring my left leg and running on the outside of my right foot, attempting to lessen any impact on my arch.  It felt like it was literally slicing my arch 😦 When I finished (limping, mind you), I took off my sock and shoe and there was a killer blister in my arch 😦 The insoles need to be broken in ASAP, because they help out my shin splints A LOT and I don’t want to run without them!


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