My life has endless blank pages…

sehr enttäuscht

My legs just won’t seem to heal and it’s one things after the other! First my shins start to every so slowly get better.  Then my calves start tightening like rocks to the point where it’s so painful.  Push past the tears and continue running.  Now something is wrong with my right ankle/top of my foot.  When will this be over so I can train!?

On a better note, Arizona was AMAZING! Spring training, worrying about nothing but baseball, hot dogs and beer (or giant dr. peppers for me!)  Worked on my tan while watching my Mariners play, saw Griffey hit a bottom of the 9th, 1 out, bases loaded, full count, down by 3 grand slam to win the game from 3 rows up and celebrated with high fives all around.  All the while, was drooled on by the most adorable baby ever.  Now I’m back to work and trying to keep myself busy with that so I don’t get too depressed about not being able to run right now. *sigh*


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