My life has endless blank pages…

legs of (not so) steel

I just wanted to put something out there for my donors and whoever may be reading this that has been following. There have been some changes made in the last 2 weeks and I wanted to update you all, since you have been an integral part of this amazing process.
What started out as shin splints has turned into a stress fracture in my tibia.  When we thought it was just shin splints, I continued to try to work past the pain each week, resting my legs when appropriate.  After 4 weeks of ‘shin splints’ and the pain continuing to get worse, I discovered tenderness in my shin bones that made it almost unbearable to run (I cried during a group run, so it was pretty painful).  After the tenderness and pain became apparent even while walking, I had my legs examined and it was determined that what we thought were shin splints was actually a tibial stress fracture.
It is with a very heavy heart that I discontinue training this season and remove myself from the marathon in June.  If I continue training, I could do real lasting damage to my legs, and I really don’t want that!   Please know that the donation you made is going to a fantastic organization, and you’re helping to find a cure for blood cancers!  As soon as my legs are healed, I will begin training again for whatever race is during that season, and I hope you all will continue to support me in my journey to the finish line and to finding a cure!


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