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Carlsbad 1/2 in the bag!

Whew! Carlsbad 1/2 marathon is complete! I was thrown into the mix later in the season, because a friend tore her meniscus and couldn’t run it.  We switched her bib over to my name, and between the late timing, the flu and a bout of food poisoning, I had little to no training.  Was I nervous? You bet! I was envisioning my knee or hip giving out, the blisters, my lack of lung capacity. 

Headed out at o’dark-hundred, luckily ran into Kat in the port-o-potty lines and set off to Corral 3. The gun went off and it was time to see what my body was capable of (and my will. This is both a physical and mental journey).  Kat left me in her dust, and I set off on a solo 13.1 trip.  I really didn’t have a goal time, just slow and steady since I wasn’t trained (I lie, I just told myself I had to finish in under 3 hours).  About 3 miles in, I realized I was on pace to finish a little bit ahead of 3 hours. By the halfway mark, I knew I could finish well ahead of 3 hours, and by mile 8, I knew I could actually get it close to my PR time from June 2011 at Rock n Roll San Diego. In comes the hip tightness and knee pain to rain on my parade!  Had to stop to tie my shoe, and then stop at mile 11 to stretch my hip out.  I managed to finish well under 3 hours and only 2 minutes behind my Rock n Roll time.

Let’s just say I was paying for that one for days!


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