My life has endless blank pages…

I was having a conversation with someone a few weeks ago about doing things that you love.  This subject came up again yesterday with a fellow runner also plagued with back pain. Doctors have told us both that, like a magic little pill (please do not confuse with jagged little pill, something I will always love), once we stop running, all our problems with just go away. 

I’m young. I’ll get through it. Running is something I love. I’m not the fastest, and I don’t have great form.  I’m probably the most unattractive runner you’ll see (ok, I lie. I refuse to blow snot rockets. That’s just a line I won’t cross), but I don’t care. If I’m having a bad day, stressed from work or home life, need to blow off some steam, or feel like someone needs to get a roundhouse kick to the face, I lace up my running shoes and hit the pavement (or even better, dirt track).  It lets me clear my mind, and allows me to just zone out. I always feel better afterwards (mentally, maybe not physically haha).  So it hurts sometimes, so what. A life lead without passion is no life to lead at all.


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