My life has endless blank pages…

Batter up…

Bay to Breakers 2012 was a success!  This is becoming a tradition of shenanigans (it’s San Francisco, come on!) for us.  Last year we just made tutus and coordinating outfits and called it a costume.  This year we wanted a theme. Why not our shared love of A League of Their Own?  This is one of my favorite movies from my childhood (and still today), so of course I was game (ha, get it?)

No running for me though. I’m saving my legs for Rock n Roll San Diego 1/2 in less than 2 weeks (how is it already almost the end of May?!)  We leisurely walked the 12k, people watched, had more fun than any normal person should be allowed and just enjoyed ourselves. The weather was PERFECT. Those tricky weather people had me all concerned with their cloudy forecast. Liars, all of them! The last 3 times I’ve been home, they forecasted cold weather, and that’s what I packed for. All 3 times, the weather has been fabulous and sunny. Always pack for all weather!

Costume ideas for next year?


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