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Anyone run in skirts before?

Let me start off by saying I’m not a girly girl. I wear dresses/skirts maybe a few times a year (I’m trying to get better, I promise). I wear heels just as often. I only own 1 pair of heels (the same ones I’ve had for 3.5 years) because 1) they’re the most comfortable ones I’ve tried on, 2) they’re not that high, 3) I can walk in them… most of the time.

Don’t get me wrong though, I love a good tutu. For Bay 2 Breakers 2011, I made a green and purple tutu to match my Team in Training colors, and my other 2 friends also made coordinating tutus (shades of blue and shades of pink).  After the event, I’ve worn it a few times to TNT functions/Saturday sessions to get participants fired up, etc. This year we decided to actually make costumes/outfits that meant something. Insert Fabulous love for Women’s Softball and Geena Davis here.  We were on a mission.  Found the shirts, got the socks and started on new tutus to match the shirts. We would be Rockford Peaches.  Instead of using ribbon as waistband like last year (and have to tie and retie), we went with elastic. It was harder to tie the tulle to it effectively, but stayed SO much better. But can I just say how annoying it is to have tons of tulle going between your legs the entire race. Not to mention how unattractive it is to pull out mounds of tulle from your crotch. Oh heyyyy boys!

Because of this, I decided to try running skirts! I’ve been looking at a few websites since January, saw them at a couple expos, but just couldn’t make the color commitment (how can you choose?!)  Finally at the Rock n Roll SD expo, I decided to try one out. Armed with my fav black running shorts to wear underneath (since no one wants me to flash them my undies), I tried a couple on and ran up and down the expo lanes surrounding the booth. Needless to say, I walked away empty handed (well, I had a bag filled with expo goodies and 2 new tubes of Nuun, but I left skirtless)

A plea to the masses:

I think the whole “short girl friendly” thing is my biggest issue.  I see the ladies sporting the skirts and they’re TALL. If they’re not tall, they at least have long(ish) legs or a long(ish) torso. I have neither. I’m 5’ tall. Yes, you read that right, 60”. While this is adorable to some, it’s really frustrating when you want to find something that fits properly 😦  I don’t want it hitting my belly button (yes, I still have my bb pierced from 11 years ago before it became super trendy) and I don’t want the skirt hanging down to my knees.  I want to be sparkly, fashionable and cute. Is that so much to ask?


Comments on: "Let’s talk about … skirts, baby." (3)

  1. Oh man, that is SO cute! but so pricey 😦 Have you run in that one yet?

    • I know! They are pricey, but really good quality. I actually don’t own anything from them yet (keyword) because of the price but I have girlfriends that rave about them.

      I have not run in one yet! But once I start training for my first half later this summer I might consider it after reading your post 🙂

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