My life has endless blank pages…

(You didn’t think you’d get through my blog without a fav movie quote did you? Don’t make me bust into song).

I’ve been thinking over the last week of some things that are getting me through life right now, whether it’s running-related, entertainment, words of wisdom, etc. And why keep these gems to myself?!  In no particular order:

1. Brooks Running – literally the best running brand out there. Currently hoarding 6 pairs in my closet. OK, so a couple should be retired and donated, but I just can’t bring myself to do it yet. “What if I need to hike a mountain and need shoes that can get torn up?” “What if I finally sign up for a mud run?” “What if I get into a fight with a honeybadger?! I need to be scrappy, get dirty and run away fast!”  The latest addition:
Brooks Pure Cadence – the week after I received them, they came out with flashier summer colors. DANG!
Image2. Injinji Toe Socks – So anyone that knows me from childhood knows that I used to wear toesocks all the time. Anyone who knows me at all knows I hate wearing socks. So torn!  I ran my first 1/2 marathon in regular running socks and ended up with quarter-sized blisters on identical spots on the balls of both of my feet my mile 8.  Cue running miles 9-13.1 on the outsides of your feet. Needless to say, I wanted to DIE.  Then I found Injinji. Rad toe socks that are made for running?! Sign me up! I ran 1/2 marathons 2-5 in these and survived all of them blister free. A couple months ago, I had a dream I won a lifetime supply of these socks in any color I wanted. Had I not been asleep, I may have fainted.  My piggies (post-Nike Womens 1/2 finish in 2011) thank you!
Image3. My passport. Even though the new ones are not as nice as the old ones, I’ll take it.  My old one holds memories from my year abroad.  Flights to London, Budapest, Athens, Rome and Stuttgart.  Train trips to Prague and Vienna.  Roadtrips to Strasbourg and Munich. Those were the good old days. I had to rush order a new one for a semi-last minute trip to Belize in 2010. It got warped by the humidity, but survived Guatemala and Belize, so it’s a trooper. And it’s patiently waiting for Euro-trip/reunion 2012. 
Image4. Music.  Has gotten me through some tough times in life. I don’t think I”d survive without it. From my Walkman to CD player to iPod to Spotify.  I’ve loved the following for a long time, but lately they’re all I seem to want to listen to:
Carson Henley – if you don’t know who this guy is, where have you been?! Him and his sister Tess are BOMB.  So so so so so talented, soulful, wise beyond their years. And did you see those lovely curly locks? Love at first sight/listen, I tell you.
Adam Levine – so I love Maroon 5 as a whole. But Adam Levine? I don’t even need him to sing (although I love it!) All he would need to do it wink at me (oh, and he’s shirtless?! How did that happen??) and I’d be putty.
ImageBoyz II Men – No explanations needed.
Rachael Yamagata – Again, if you’ve never heard her soulful, airy voice, you need to get on that STAT.  I’ve been listening to her since her EP came out in 2003.  Her subsequent albums do not disappoint. I’ve been lucky enough to see her live 3 times, and hope there are many more to come!

5. Nuun – Constantly dehydrated over here. I drink hot tea like it’s going out of style (and also very much LOVE this little image I saw awhile back: “I like my men like I like me tea… hot and British.” So true, so true), and since it’s black, it’s slightly more dehydrating but still makes me pee a million times. Not so great for running or training. Solution? Nuun! Drop a flavored electrolyte tab into 16 ounces of water, wait 2 minutes and BAM! Instant life-changer. (personal fav: Grape and Fruit Punch)
Image6. My Lola – This lady has been through some trying times in her life. Started out in another country, moved to another country for work, met a good lookin Airman (oh hey Papa!), got married, moved to America and raised 4 kids, plus some grandkids, me being one of them.  I wouldn’t be who I am without her. I called her up yesterday to see how she was feeling since she’s been dealing with his nasty cough for over a week. She told me she got some meds, felt better and went to BINGO with the crew (as in The Joy Luck Club… I don’t lie, that’s what they call themselves. A group of ladies that are around 75 or older, stand 5’2 or smaller, that love BINGO, pot lucks and Mahjong). Shen she casually mentioned she won $250. HONEYBADGER.
Image7. Southwest 72-hour sale – sorry, you missed it (or, if you were on their site a couple days ago, hopefully you scored a sweet deal!)  I was freaking out over how to get back home from LAX when I come back from Europe, and not have to pay an arm and a leg for a RT flight between LAX and the bay area. Perfect timing! I scored a one way from LAX to Sacramento for $49+tax. HOLLA! Now if I could just figure out how to get from the Bay Area to LAX. Hmmmm.

8. The Olympics – I LOVE the Olympics. When I was in high school, my Papa would save the newspaper during the Olympics so I could cut out the daily updated medal counts and all the stories and pictures of the athletes I liked. I then taped all of it in to a Composition Book.  Don’t be jealous because I was so cool.  It just so happens I fly into London halfway through the Olympics, and arrive 1 day before the womens marathon. Ahhhh, if I can fight other tourists to get to see Desi Davila run past, I’ll be a happy girl.

You made it this far?!


Comments on: "These are a few of my favorite things…" (4)

  1. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast said:

    The new blog looks so great!!

    • Thanks! It’s definitely a work in progress! I’ve got quite a ways to go to even halfway catch up with most of you guys!

  2. Looks great! I love my Brooks but prefer the Adrenalines, love my injinji socks but have all pink. I think I need to check out some more colors. And what can I say about my Nuun? Love, love, love it. I always have a tube with me and am alway adding it to my water bottle.

    • I normally run in Adrenalines and Trances, but couldn’t pass up on trying the Pure line, and the Cadence is the most supportive of the bunch.
      I have the all pink Injinjis, as well as these striped ones and a pair of the kids dark grey ones. I’m tempted to get another pair soon!
      I LOVE NUUN. That’s all that needs to be said 🙂 There’s always a tube in my purse and I go through them pretty quickly. Can’t wait for the All Days to hit the stores!

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