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June gloom? Nah…

I must say that June has been pretty spectacular so far.  The first weekend in June was a great start to the month. I was gearing up for the Rock n Roll San Diego 1/2 with Team in Training, had my purple singlet all puff-painted out, and headed to the expo (if you know me, you know how much I LOVE expos!), and let’s be honest – the RnRSD expo is one of the best around.  It’s huge and has everything you could ever want, and some things you could care less about and wonder why they’re at the expo.

First, let’s start with circling downtown SD, hoping to find street parking. Oh there are a ton available? Fabulous! Oh wait, they’re only 2 hour parking spots? Not so fabulous. Those meter “police” are like vultures. As soon as the meter clicks to expired, it’s like an alarm goes off in their little carts and they race over to your car to issue a ticket. (True story: in 2010 during the World Cup, I’d head over to a local coffee place, Caffe Calabria, to watch the games, have a soy chai and some delicious snacks and enjoy the game with a ton of other soccer-loving fans, representing almost all nations possible. Semi-finals game went a wee bit longer than expected, but was I about to miss the final 2 minutes?! Heck no! As soon as the game finished, I left and walked the 200 feet to my car. I had a ticket. Checked the time and I was 3 minutes over my 2 hour limit. $65 later, this little lady was NOT pleased.) OK, back to downtown.  Because of the Chrissie Wellington book signing/appearance, I knew I’d be more than 2 hours, but barely. I didn’t want to risk getting a ticket, so I pulled closer to the Convention Center and forked over $8 for parking for 2.5 hours. LAME.

Enter expo and feel the adrenaline rush as the hustle and bustle of race weekend finally gets to me. I wander around the Brooks Running area, focused on purchasing the tank top that I couldn’t get at RnR Pasadena in February because they were out of my size. Walk over to the tank and they have about 10 left, all in XS and XL. Let me clarify that I was there on the first day of the expo, 3.5 hours after it opened. What the! No tank for me, again 😦 Oh the woes of an oddly proportioned gal.  I got over it quickly when people started lining up for the book signing, and after waiting about 15 minutes in line (not bad), I was at the front, enamored with the fabulousness that is Chrissie Wellington:
ImageSeriously though, it’s not even a smile, it’s like a half-your-face ray of sunshine. She was so nice and took the time to chat with each and every person. Instant bff’s? I think so.

Then you all read my race recap a few entries below, so I won’t bore you with that again.

The next weekend I flew home (last minute) to surprise my cousin for her bridal shower. I flew up on Saturday early afternoon and flew back Sunday evening after the shower. I was beat! It was a great shower and I’m so glad I was able to make the trip.  She was surprised, and so was my 6 year old nephew, who actually thought I was there for him 🙂

Fast forward another weekend and I’m headed to Movin Shoes in PB for the Scott Jurek run/Q&A/book signing.  I skipped the run and opted for a bagel sandwich, got there just as the runners were taking off, tried on a few pairs of shorts, spent money on shorts I didn’t need but thought were fabulous and secured my spot in the front (seriously though, if you’re 5’8-6’+, please don’t sit in the front. The 5′ girl behind you is shooting you daggers).  Scott arrived, changed shirts, said a few words, answered some questions from the crowd and then we all let loose a Scott Jurek primal yell, to pay our respects to Caballo Blanco, and headed to the parking lot to watch a challenge (winners got a free pair of Brooks shoes) and get in line for the book signing.  Scott was fabulous (there were a lot of runners and everyone wanted a chance to talk to him), answered questions while signing his book, posed for pictures and did some giveaways in between books by asking random questions to test everyones running/Scott Jurek knowledge.
ImageImageHe even took a picture with the 3 Musketeers!

And to leave you with a few lol’s, my cousin sent me this picture of my normally adorable niece, while eating a plate of delicious adobo:
ImageThis is literally the ONLY way she will eat adobo. Your guess is as good as mine!

And then a couple days later, a friend posted this on my Facebook. Now I want a sprinkle donut!


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