My life has endless blank pages…


Different things inspire different people. Some people run for friends or family members (or themselves), who may be the victims of terrible diseases. I’m guilty of this (actually, I shouldn’t say guilty because it makes it seem like I’m doing something wrong, when in fact, I think what Team in Training does is FABULOUS and will always rep the Green Team wristband!

My nephew inspired me to start my running journey through TNT. His picture came with me on every long Saturday run and sometimes to get through tough, painful miles, I’d talk to him for a little while to help clear my mind and remind me why I was out there.

I also have friends, family, and friends I’m lucky enough to call family that inspire my every day life. I was fortunate enough to head up to Menifee on Saturday for a (too) short visit with friends I’ve known long enough to call them family.  Their entire family has inspired me since day 1. They are the nicest people you will ever meet, with the biggest hearts you’ll ever have the pleasure of witnessing. 2 parents, 5 kids, a son-in-law and grandson (and 2 pups!) all in one big house full of love.  They welcome others with open arms, help out whenever needed and would give you the shirts off their backs. On top of all that is their amazing Hawaiian spirit.  The parents grew up in Hawaii, so the music and culture of the islands is ingrained in everything they do.  They sing, they dance, they play musical instruments, and some do all of the above. It blows my mind how everytime I come for a visit, there’s an impromptu jam session and I’m rewarded with a relaxing serenade session. I can pick out songs for them to sing and play, or just sit back and listen to whatever they have to offer.  You walk into their house and it’s littered with pianos, guitars and ukuleles.

After quite a few songs on Saturday, I decided to pick up one of the many ukes and “pretend” to play, like I always do.  I tried to play the clarinet in 3rd or 4th grade and let’s just say it didn’t last very long.  So I jut sit on the couch and pretend strum. I don’t know chords, I don’t know how to play the rhythm of songs, whatev. I’m having myself a grand old time!  This has been going on for ages now, and finally they decided to throw me a bone 🙂 They taught me a couple chords and I practiced them over and over again until my fingertips were sore.  Later that night I was sat in front of the computer with a simpler song to try to strum along to. It wasn’t pretty, but I slowly and painfully got through it – and loved every second of it!

So while I have a ton of free time once I get to Virginia, I really want to learn the uke. Who wants to loan me $600+ for a beaut like this?:

6-string Kamaka Tenor Koa uke

now taking up a collection for this bad boy!


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