My life has endless blank pages…

Murphy’s Law

So I’ve always followed this Murphy’s Law deal (also known as the Caines Curse… thanks Dad!) for everything in life. What can go wrong, will go wrong. Or maybe I’m just super unlucky and clumsy and accident-prone. Or maybe just because the Caines blood is running through my veins.

Speaking of running, I saw this on a fellows bloggers site, and it really hit home! Ever get to the start line of a race, turn on your Garmin 20 minutes before the gun even goes off, and it still doesn’t acquire the satellites until 25 minutes into the race?! Why yes, Nike Women’s 1/2 marathon 2011, I wanted to be completely thrown off.  Or really wanting to do a fabulous race, only to learn later that your cousin has set her wedding date and it’s 3 days after the big race, and that her bachelorette party is the day of the race. Sad face #2.

May I present to you all things that have (or will) happen to me (and most runners, too):


you’re welcome!



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