My life has endless blank pages…

… A day later…

We started the 4th off like everyone should start a holiday… a 5am wakeup. Oh, that’s not what you had in mind for a day off from work? Despite not sleeping well AT ALL, I wasn’t too cranky in the morning. I had put out my race day outfit like I do for every race (you know the one, where it basically looks like you, sitting in a chair), to make sure I didn’t forget anything, so that getting dressed half awake and with closed eyes wouldn’t be as difficult.

We had decided that a 4th of July race would be a great idea about 2.5 weeks ago and paid for late registration. We picked the Coronado Independence Day 15k. It would be my first 15k! $42 for late reg for a 15k isn’t horrible, but no medal 😦 I love the bling, what can I say?! We got to Coronado around 545am (yes, you read that right), with our red, white and blue attire, and had to fight others runners and parade goers for parking. Apparently a memo was distributed (and on their website) that you couldn’t set up for the parade until 5am, which means there were crazies trying to set up before that! We found decent parking and headed to the start area around 610, to check out the bathroom situation. It was a no go for all 4 of us (which always worries me for long races).


That’s us looking fabulous (and scared) at the start. They had posted on their website that you had to make it back to the bikepath (mile 8.5) by 830am. Based on my last couple runs where I almost died, I was nervous they’d kick me off the course. it also didn’t help that the guy kept talking and we started 5 minutes late.

We started off fast and I left Suzanne just after mile 1. I had made the mistake of staying with a friend during RnR or the first 7 miles and that was one of the biggest reasons I had missed my PR. Not today! I wanted to push myself; I wanted to run for me! It took about 2.5-3 miles for my body to loosen up and feel good (typical), and miles 3-6.5 were on the naval amphib base. Hellooooo sailors! Motivation 🙂 I caught up with the boys at mile 5.2 and passed them at 5.5. I felt good!

I kept going, pushed as hard as I could and gave it everything in my tank.

Finished in 1:33:18 and having run 9.42 miles instead of the 9.3 (bobbin and weavin!), that’s puts me at 9:54 minutes/mile. Holy schnikeys! Had I done that for my 1/2, I would have definitely PR’d and by about 12 minutes. Live and learn.

Us at the finish, sweaty and HUNGRY:


Happy 4th everyone!

What’s your next race?


Comments on: "Happy birthday America!" (2)

  1. Great job – looks like a fun race! I’ve never run that distance as a race before. My next up is the 1st half of the San Francisco marathon, and I’m very excited. It was my first half marathon ever back in 2009.

    • You’ll love it! I did Nike Women’s 1/2 last fall and wanted to do SF this year, but my cousins bachelorette party day is the same day as the race and I wouldn’t be finished/showered/napped in time 🙂

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