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This post inspired by Yoga in Heels!

If you know me, you know I’m a pretty frugal person with, well, basically everything. I have no problems spoiling my nieces and nephews (baby shopping, hello!) but when it comes to myself, I hate spending money. If I haven’t done something to deserve something new, I won’t get it. It’s a blessing and a curse.

Today was my final day at work (HALLELUJAH! Enter gospel choir, you name it), and celebrated by heading to my local Road Runner Sports (also HQ to the RRS Clearance Center – praise Oprah!). Check out the haul:

What was the damage you say? Go ahead and take a guess.

… Done thinking? It was $56.94. Yes, you read that right. American dollars, and less than 3 $20’s at that.

$56.94 for a pair of Brooks Cascadias, 2 pairs of Injinji socks (yay new colors!) and 7 tubes of Nuun (finally get to try the All Day!). I almost fainted and peed my pants with excitement at the same time (note to readers: I don’t recommend doing those at the same time. Who wants that kind of mess?!)

Then to celebrate the celebration of a celebration, we went out to sushi and I had a DELICIOUS roll with inari, sweet potato tempura, avocado and mango. Start drooling, I sure did.

1. What’s the best deal on running gear you’ve ever found?

2. Has anyone tried the new Nuun All Day variety? What’s your favorite flavor?


Comments on: "Frugal Friday – Running on the cheap" (2)

  1. What an amazing deal!

    I think my best running deal ever (although not as good as yours) was last year, during our local running store’s semi-annual sale I got a pair of Adidas stability shoes – can’t remember what the model was and a pair of Nike Pegasus for my kids for $70.

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