My life has endless blank pages…

Let’s see how this formatting does from my lovely iPhone 3G. Yes, you read that right, the 3G. Not even the 3GS. No video capabilities and it constantly freezes. SO excite to get a new one soon!

The last 2 weeks have been a blur. I packed up Gunther (my old Honda if you haven’t been formally introduced yet. And by old I mean he’s a legal adult, born in 1994) and drove him from San Diego to my parents house (a 16 hour trip. I was not a happy camper when we arrived). I’ve been going through all my belongings/boxes at my parents so I could move in the stuff from San Diego (I felt like such a hoarder when I was going through everything!).

My family was in town from Texas for my cousins wedding. Same wedding that I was Maid of Honor for, so I was doubly busy. Add on top of that trying to see friends and family in between and I was a busy busy girl.

The wedding was on Wednesday in Sonoma and was FABULOUS! I may be biased because I helped and was in the wedding and it family, but whatev.

You can’t tell me that’s not fabulous!

If you live in the bay area/northern California and are planning a wedding or event, please consider Charleton Churchill. He is an amazing photographer, really creative, so nice, patient, fun, friendly, professional and just fantastic!


My cousin and I were 2 of the 3 bridesmaids. She’s actually getting married in February, so it’s wedding fever in our family!

I had one day after the wedding to wind down, say goodbyes and pack for Europe. As of 11pm last night, all that was in my suitcase was a pair of Brooks Pure Cadence shoes and 2 scarves. I mean, what more could you need for 4.5 weeks in Europe right!?

I’m currently sitting in the international terminal at LAX waiting for my flight to London. I hope I can keep up with the running while I’m abroad!

I’ll have limited phone access (hoping to find free wi-fi for Internet acres) so will be phone and text-less while there. Easiest way to reach me is by commenting here, or by email ( or via Twitter


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