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London, day .5 and 1.5

Day .5 because I arrived halfway through yesterday. SFO (delayed flight) to LAX (then a 2 hour 45 minute layover in LAX. I seriously think that was the only time in the history of LAX that it only took a person 15 minutes to check in, check my bag and get through security).


We were seated and belted on our plane when the pilot came over the loudspeaker that Vice President Joe Biden was set to land at LAX just behind us soon, which meant they couldn’t finish loading our plane. I’m pretty rue the runway crew couldn’t even move). 45 minutes after our initial takeoff time, they were given the clear to finish up. 9 hours 50 minutes after that, we landed at Heathrow… The next morning. Oh and it was raining 🙂

After being drilled by the border agent, she decided I wasn’t a threat to national security (little does she know if I could find a way to stay forever, I would!) and let me through. Tube ride, transfer, a bus ride and a short walk with my luggage and I arrived at the house. My fiends are out of the country, but graciously let me stay at their house 🙂

First meal in England – Cornish Pasty, please and thank you! I’ve missed these so much!

And a stop at the cash machine – it dispenses the Queens’ Monopoly money.

The rest of the day (245pm on) was spent exhausted since I slept only 2.5 hours on the flight. I was determined not to take a nap, so I took a shower, made a giant cup of tea and glued myself to the Olympics on tv (what a night for Great Britain athletics!!) I didn’t want to make my jet lag any worse, but I lost the fight and ended up falling asleep for about an hour and a half. Fell asleep finally at 1045pm.

Day 1.5

Woke up at 4am. Thanks a lot jet lag!

Headed to the bus stop so I could catch the nearest Tube to secure a spot along the Olympic womens marathon course, so I could scream my heart out for Team USA. Got a fabulous spot near the Tube station, next to GBR and Lithuania fans and settled in. They were super nice, shared their tummies with me and we went for a bite to eat afterwards.


Not so great part? About half an hour before the race was set to start, it started to downpour.


Watching the women run by gave me goosebumps; it was emotionally overwhelming. The worlds eat distance runners were literally running 10 feet away from me. Who cares if it was pouring!? They did 3 loops by us, and I screamed Shalane and Kara’s names until my throat hurt. It was phenomenal to watch women from every country (well not every country). To watch a woman from Mongolia run in semi-beat up sneakers and a women from Burma, a country where their people (women especially) have been oppressed and persecuted for so long. I cheered extra loud for her, and the last woman in the race (who got lapped) from Timor:


Afterwards I took the Tube home and stopped on my way at Wimbledon amassing outside while Andy Murray won the gold medal for GBR in the mens singles. It was INSANE! Unfortunately my camera battery died 😦 Roger Federer is my favorite tennis player and I was REALLY sad to see him lose, but Murray played one hell of a game. It’s ok Rog, if you need a shoulder to cry on, I’m here for you!

That’s all for today!

1. Do you prefer Winter or Summer Olympics?

2. What is your favorite Olympic sport?

3. Which Olympic athlete would you most like to meet?


Comments on: "London, day .5 and 1.5" (3)

  1. How fun that you are actually in London. Love how you just up and made it happen! Keep the reports coming!

  2. Great post! We watched the marathon, but its not the same on TV.1. I like the winter better, only because i played hockey and skied for most of my life. Getting to enjoy the summer games though, so that opinion might change. 2. see #1. 3.I would love to meet any of the runners, just to pick their brains if nothing else.

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