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So I haven’t done very many reviews – that will definitely be changing once I’m back from Europe and settled in.

I did however want to do a review of a product that’s become a staple in my life: Nuun Hydration. I started using Nuun in January of this year when I started up with Team in Training again. I had heard of them before, but hadn’t had a chance to give them a try. Since they sponsor TNT, our coordinator would bring some in our aid boxes and that was when I was first introduced. Endless supply of deliciousness? Sign me up!

I had started with the supplied and sponsored flavor, grape. Loved it! I might be one of the few who enjoys grape flavored things – soda, candy, medicine (seriously. When I was younger I’d sometimes pretend to be a smidge sicker than I actually was to get an extra dose of Dimetapp). This one has become a staple during training, traveling and just days when I feel less than hydrated.

20120815-010001.jpg This was my first little graveyard of empty Nuun tubes to recycle. It’s so sad when you know they’re getting close to being empty!

Then I had a big haul of general running goodness (I had a $25 gift certificate for Sports Authority I had received for Christmas and had yet to use):

20120815-010147.jpg Whew, restocked!

I really love how convenient these are. I have my stock at home, keep one tube in my purse and one in my desk at work. Because they come in so many delicious flavors (Fruit Punch is now my favorite), it’s really easy to pop a tab into my water bottle and get hydrated without all the sugar and extra ingredients that many other flavored powders have. When I’m running on a hot day and sweating like crazy (or my 16 hour drive to my parents with parents with a loaded down Honda Accord and no AC), I need to sip water throughout the day and replenish the electrolytes I’ve lost from sweating. Problems solved!

The best part is (aside from the great variety of delicious flavors, the fact that they are about $.50 per serving, are easily transportable, don’t contain a ton of sugar and they give back to charity) THEY DON’T MAKE ME SICK! if you know me, you know how sensitive my stomach is, and how most/many things make me sick. I learned this the hard way during my first 1/2 marathon. Thought I’d be ok with Gu and course-provided Gatorade. WRONG! Never again folks! I’ve tried these on training days, non-training days, during hot yoga, pre-, during and post-runs and haven’t had a single issue!

This is what I felt like just after my last 1/2 marathon in June:


And then I had some Fruit Punch Nuun and felt like this!:

20120815-011724.jpg Such a miracle worker! I even did a (really ugly) cartwheel after this picture!

Currently I have 2 tubes left to last me the rest of my European vacation. I brought 3, but have already gone through 1 tube thanks to the amount of walking I did around London for the Olympics. Hopefully the remaining tubes will last!

I highly recommend giving them a try if you haven’t already. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!



Comments on: "Product review: Nuun Hydration" (9)

  1. I heart Nuun! I started having it even when I’m just sitting here at my desk not running or planning to run! I mix a glass of plain ice cold seltzer with a Berry tab, add a few berries, and it’s like an 8 calorie spritzer! I totally forgot who I got the recipe from but I saw it on Twitter and it’s fabulous! And you do look much more spirited in the second pic! 😉

    • That sounds delicious! I’m going to have to experiment with flavors. If there was a cherry, I would make cherry limeades all summer!

  2. I’m going to have to check out nuun! I’ve been hearing such great things

    • I definitely recommend it! It comes in loads of different flavors and you can even create a root beer float type drink with the Kona Cola flavor!

  3. Thanks for the review! I have never heard of Nuun but will check them out.

  4. I LOVE Nuun! I always add it to my water for long or super hot runs. It’s perfect!

  5. I haven’t heard of them but I am so excited to go try them. Where can I purchase them at?

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