My life has endless blank pages…

Adventure Time!

I was looking through some photos on my phone and decided that despite the ups and downs, I’ve had a pretty good past few years, adventure-wise. I’m a lucky girl, thankful for what I’ve been able to do, for what I’m currently experiencing, and looking forward to what I’ll get to do in the future.

Prepare yourself for a photo-heavy post 🙂 They won’t be in date order (I’ll try but it’s a bit hard when posting from my phone)

20120831-194439.jpg Belize and Guatemala trip, May 2010.

20120831-194615.jpg Ziplining in Belize, May 2010.

20120831-193559.jpg Maui with my family, October 2010

20120831-193750.jpgBay2Breakers 2011

20120831-193907.jpgGo Mariners! May 2011

20120831-194015.jpg The morning of my very first 1/2 marathon! Rock n Roll SD, June 2011

20120831-194145.jpg Best Friends bachelorette weekend, Las Vegas, July 2011.

20120831-194335.jpg Skydiving on my 26th birthday.

20120831-194744.jpg Nike Womens 1/2 marathon, October 2011.

20120831-194935.jpg BINGO with Lola is always a fun adventure! Christmas 2011.

20120831-195132.jpg 1/2 marathon #3, Carlsbad 1/2, January 2012.

20120831-195237.jpg My fellow team in Training mentors and coaches, January 2012.

20120831-195348.jpg 1/2 marathon #4, Inaugural Rock n Roll Pasadena 1/2, February 2012.

20120831-195603.jpg DisneyWorld with the family, March 2012.

20120831-195806.jpg Attending the wedding of these 2 amazing people!

20120831-195912.jpg Bay2Breakers 2012 – There’s no crying in baseball!

20120831-200037.jpg MEETING CHRISSIE WELLINGTON!!!!

20120831-200202.jpg Finished with my 5th 1/2 marathon and first season as a TNT mentor – RnR SD, June 2012.

20120831-200439.jpg Coronado Independence Day 15k 2012.

20120831-200624.jpg Getting in this tiny plane, taking the reins and taking off without crashing!

20120831-200807.jpg My amazing cousin marries a fabulous guy. Then proceeds to splash gravy on her dress. Maid of Honor to the rescue!

20120831-201002.jpg EuroTrip August 2012! Reunion time, 5 years after I left.

20120831-201212.jpg Cheering on Team USA at the London Olympics.

20120831-201331.jpg Meeting Brandi Chastain and Summer Sanders!

20120831-201536.jpg Being back in the tiny town I studied abroad in for the 2006-2007 school year. Oh Tübingen, Germany, how I’ve missed you!

20120831-201813.jpg “Felixing” in Heidelberg, Germany, after a perfect game is pitched. GO MARINERS!

20120831-202011.jpg Crawling to the ledge of the 330 foot cliff at Dun Aenghus, Inis Mór, Ireland.

20120831-202152.jpg Haven’t seen these girls in 5 years. Reunited and it feels so good!

20120831-202455.jpg Back in London. I au paired for this amazing family over 5 years go and am finally getting to see them again! It’s like I’m back home again…

Let the adventures continue!


Comments on: "Adventure Time!" (4)

  1. WOW!!! You’ve had so many fun experiences!! Loved all the pictures!

  2. I love the Rockford Peaches shirt. Amazing movie.
    Amazing pictures. you’ve lead such a full life for being so young. Hope you are loving Europe!

    • Oh I am! I’m starting to get sad that the trip is wrapping up and I’ll be heading home soon. I’m already trying to figure out when I can come back!

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