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Bulubox Probiotics

I was fortunate enough to be the winner of a Probiotics SuperPack from Bulubox while I was in Europe.  I just got back to California to find it waiting for me at my parents house. After a horrible episode last night, I can’t wait to start taking the probiotics and report back on how they make me feel.

I’m hoping they can aid in digestion, help break down some key proteins that I just don’t seem to have the enzyme to properly digest (hiyo lactose!), and lessen my IBS flare-ups. I have a month supply, so I’ll report back halfway through the pills, and then follow up once the month is over! Fingers crossed!


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  1. Let me know how it goes. I’m (unfortunately) an expert in all things IBS and can share some info/advice if these don’t help.

    • That would be fabulous! I’ve been struggling with stomach issues for about 15 years, was diagnosed with IBS 9 years ago after they couldn’t really figure out what it could be, and still struggle with it today. Do you have any other food allergies or sensitivities that seem to trigger an episode? D/C?

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