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Meet Virginia…

So I’ve been living in Virginia for 2 weeks now and thought it was about time for a post… I know I already did a little race recap of the 8k I did last weekend, but I have a few more photos I’ve taken since I got here that I needed to catch up with.

The area I’m living in is pretty different from living in San Diego, and California for that matter. 

1) Hello humidity. My poor hair had no idea what was coming. 
2) My favorite stores? Nope. I miss my favorite grocery stores. I miss REI. I miss Road Runner. I miss everything being so close. I guess I was spoiled living in San Diego and having everything so close. I have yet to find an outdoor store, the closest running store is at least 40 minutes away (if there’s no traffic at all), and the grocery stores carry weird brands that I’m not used to, and not a great deal of variety. Oh and they like their fried foods. Healthy food options aren’t in abundance.
3) This is country suburbs.  There are some hosing developments, but they’re surrounded by trees and farms and open land.  Most houses are on bigger plots of land (something you rarely see in cities), with no fences dividing the houses.  I’m kind of loving that aspect, especially when said houses have wrap-around porches 🙂 Perfect for my rocking chair… or hammock.
4) Using your cell phones while driving is perfectly legal here. OK, so most people still do it in CA even though it’s now against the law, but I always freak out for a second when I see someone doing it out in the open. You know what else is still legal? Smoking everywhere. That’ll take some getting used to.  I can’t tell you the number of people I’ve also seen smoking in their cars and then throwing the cigarette out the window. Come on people!
5) Traffic is HORRIBLE! And this is from someone coming from California. From San Diego and the Bay area. I know my traffic. Tip: just because Google maps says it’s 18 miles away, don’t expect to get there in less than 40 minutes.  Especially if you have to drive over any draw bridges (ugh) or through the tunnel (triple ugh)
6) There are more churches here than good places to eat or coffee shops. Churches aren’t a bad thing, but literally, there’s one every couple blocks (and some blocks have multiple), all different denominations of Christianity. I have yet to see any Catholic churches, LDS churches, synagogues or temples. I love good food. I love coffee shops. I just don’t want to have to drive 20 miles to find either (seriously though, I’ve only seen about 5 Starbucks in the 2 weeks I’ve been here and ZERO independently owned coffee shops. So sad).

All that aside, it’s beautiful here.  I love the back and forth between town, suburbs and country.  I love the history that’s on this side of the country. I love that people don’t feel the need to live on top of one another, and don’t have fences between their houses. I love the architecture of the homes. I love the random farms (there’s one right behind our neighborhood).  I love the Mennonite bakery/dairy that’s 3/4 of the way down the road. I love taking the back road to Virginia Beach and passing by the farms, open land, forest and swampy areas. I love the smell of the trees when it’s humid. I love still having the beach about 30 miles away (even if the boardwalk is kind of sketchy and they make you pay for parking).  I love when I hear a bit of southern twang when talking to people (I haven’t come across a ton yet. The accents are super thick here and there are a lot of transplants because of the military presence).  I love that I’m still close to bases, even though I can’t get on one. For my entire life, I’ve lived within 20 miles (and for most of it, within 5 miles) of a military base. It may sound weird but it makes it feel like home.

On to the pictures!


This guys is the familys’ cat. I am not a cat person. I don’t enjoy their razor sharp claws digging into my skin, but wouldn’t have the heart to de-claw it. Easy fix – never have a cat. This one’s different though. He’s calm (unless I’m taking a nap). He’s loving. He lets the kids do whatever they want with him and he just takes it. He’s lovey, and when I’m sitting on my bed catching up on Grey’s Anatomy, he comes and sits with me.


My cousin sent me this picture. My Lola just got a new cell phone and was learning how to text 🙂


Coast to coast. I need the ocean!



18th annual Neptune Festival was the 2nd weekend I was here. The weather was beautiful, the boardwalk was full of vendors and live music was playing. They had tons of stuff for people to do all weekend, including the 8k I participated in on Saturday morning!


Neptune himself showed up! This is a pretty awesome HUGE sculpture on the boardwalk.


Olympian Francena McCorory even made an appearance (she’s a local). Then she said “I be over there” and I was a little sad.


The night before the 8k – how am I supposed to choose just one pair?!

And then, because one race a week after you move isn’t enough, I registered for 2 more that night. A 1/2 marathon on Sunday (tomorrow) and a 10k on October 27th.


Entrance to the Inaugural Peroni Crawlin’ Crab Expo


Bah, you have no idea how much I wanted these! Crab themed on everything! Props for being so creative, but no props for not having my size. Saved me money though, because I don’t know how often I’d wear a running skirt.


Expo swag success! The blue shirt on the left is the race shirt. It’s a pretty good shirt, except for the fact that they’re unisex, aka don’t fit women. Look how high the neck is! I could barely get my head through it, so if I want to wear it and not feel like I’m being strangled while running, I’ll need a creative way to cut the neck 😦 I bought the fabulous #brooksrunning longsleeve and another pair of Brooks shorts as well. Such great running gear! And creative on the shirts 🙂

That’s it for now! I woke up this morning with an itchy, sore throat and a headache that won’t go away, which means a cold/the flu/my bi-annual strep scare is upon me. And just in time for my 1/2 marathon tomorrow morning, joy! The weather forecast says high of 60, with thunderstorms and an 80% chance of rain. I’m sure the sore throat, coughing because of the itch and headache will make it more fun 🙂 Now time to try to catch up on Army Wives, carbo-load, hydrate with my fabulous Nuun (I’ve been guzzling it), and try to get to bed early. Work your magic Ny-Quil!

Send me good juju to get me through tomorrow! And then send all the good juju to the Seahawks so they can win their game 🙂 After last week, they need it. No more interceptions!


I couldn’t resist… You’re welcome 🙂



Comments on: "Meet Virginia…" (9)

  1. krissy m. murphy said:

    Just wanted to comment here, too! 🙂 Welcome to VA!!

  2. Welcome to the East Coast! It must be such a difference from the West Coast. If you ever get the chance to go to the grocery store, Wegmans, definitely go. They have TONS of healthy options and are all around awesome.

  3. I live in Florida…tht should help you feel a tad better 😉 if you need places in Maryland dc area to visit let me know, my family is there 🙂

  4. I moved from the Midwest to the South, SC. You are right fried everything and humidity like crazy…. still even though it is October!

  5. The cat is cool and will win your heart — indeed, already has. xo Marsha (mom to 6 cats)

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