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Local finds

Time for explorations… which usually mean food. Living in California provided me with any kind of food I could want. When I lived around campus, 24-hour Mexican was a favorite. When I lived in City Heights, Vietnamese, East African and El Salvadorian food was to die for, and all made by natives of each respective country. Delicious food, decently priced.

When I was getting ready to move to Virginia, being able to find ethnic food was my biggest question. I searched the Internet (specifically Yelp), and was pretty bummed with the results. Almost everything was “American” food, whatever that may be, but not many ethnic restaurants, and those that were listed didn’t have stellar reviews.

Last weekend I was in Norfolk and thought I’d have better chances in an actual city. I found a Mexican restaurant (hallelujah!) and went inside for lunch, after my dress fitting at David’s Bridal. 1) There was no one else in the restaurant, and 2) the girl that seemed to run the front was American. “Don’t make any assumptions!” I kept thinking to myself. The first thing she asked was I I wanted guacamole or cheese with my chips. Cheese?! Then I took a look at the menu while she or my chips, salsa and guac. She came out with the basket and bowls and also included a bowl of off white-ish cheese something (I presume? A take on queso fresco maybe?) The salsa was pretty good and the perfect level of spicy, so I was hopeful. I ordered rice, beans, an enchilada and a soft taco and checked Instagram while I waited.

20121017-141216.jpg Commence taste test. Verdict: I miss California. Everything was pretty dry, including the enchilada, and the potatoes inside the enchilada were undercooked so some were still semi-crunchy. But I think this is as good as Mexican gets here, so hopefully I won’t have any cravings!

I did pass by this beauty on my way home the next day:

20121017-141511.jpg I knew I smelled my people from all the way across the street šŸ™‚ Can’t wait to give them a try!!

I did find a fabulous Mennonite farm/cafe/amazingness a few miles from the house. It’s family owned and operated for generations, everythings homemade (fruits & veggies are locally grown, honey is local, cheese and milk are made by them as well) , their coffee is fair trade, and their cinnamon rolls are to die for.


Plus, these little guys are roaming around outside šŸ™‚



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  1. Aww man…. California misses you too. Nothing worse that a meal you dont REALLY enjoy.

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