My life has endless blank pages…

Virginia is for…

Runners. Lovers. Cures. Beautiful fall mornings that freeze my toes off in my Rainbow flip flops but are perfect for running. Ridiculous traffic and taking forever to get anywhere. History. Nature.

When I got to Virginia, the first thing I did was look up running stores (ok, so I did this about 2 months before coming here. I wanted to make sure I had what I needed! I was sad to find out there was no REI, Trader Joe’s, Sprouts or Roadrunner Sports anywhere remotely close to here. Seriously though, what are the outdoor stores here?!) The closest running store is about 45 minutes away with no traffic – blech.  That pretty much eliminates being able to do any of their weekly fun runs or events they may have during the week in the evenings. It also usually eliminates any packet pick-ups during the week, since I can’t get there in time.  But what can you do right? I stopped by one of the local running stores, Running Etc. to take a look around, register for a race and see what they had to offer, compared to what I’m used to. It’s a medium-sized running store, with apparel, shoes and gear – and also the only running store in this area that carries Honey Stingers gels. You have no idea how hard it is to get them here, and driving 45 minutes to an hour just for gels isn’t going to be possible all the time.  The people are friendly and they know their stuff. My kind of place! I also saw this little gem and HAD to have it, naturally.


And then, if you go onto the Tourism website for the commonwealth of Virginia, it proudly boasts that Virginia is for Lovers. Literally, you can buy the slogan on everything (even a koozie. You know I’m tempted!) A state that’s for runners and lovers?! Come to mama. I’ve seen it on t-shirts, bumper stickers, signs, and it’s even the featured slogan for another J&A Racing event, Virginia is for Lovers 14k. They also have a Sweetheart 6k and Cupid’s 1k. So cute!  I already completed one J&A Racing event, the Peroni Crawlin’ Crab 1/2 marathon, and have another one of their events this Saturday, the Blue Moon Wicked 10k.  If the Wicked 10k is anything like Crawlin’ Crab, I want to do all of their races! They seriously know to get things done. Small events (they have a big one in March as well), well organized, the people that run the company are super friendly, quick to answer questions or concerns, and they throw a wicked after party (pun totally intended).  I have no idea how long I’ll be in this area, but as long as I’m here, I’ll be racing their events and handing out high-fives when they’ll accept em.


I was also missing my Team in Training family (viva los Verdes!) and contacted the local chapter to see if they needed any help/wouldn’t mind me tagging along and professing my love for the cause. I met up with them this past Saturday and met the campaign coordinator and their coach. It’s a much smaller chapter than what I’m used to (only 1 coordinator and 1 coach for the season/area!), but I like it. The family atmosphere is still there, the same as it was in San Diego, and the love for the Team was just as prevalent. I have to admit that I was a little bit jealous/envious when I saw their training shirts. They have purple tech shirts that say Virginia is for Cures on the back. How awesome is that?! I secretly (I guess not so secretly since it’s on here) realllllyyyyy want one.  Bummed I didn’t get a picture when I was there, but hopefully I can snap one when I meet up with them again.


Also, the temp at night and in the mornings is dropping. Even though it’s expected to be in the mid-70’s for most of this week, it’s still about 43-45* when we leave the house to make sure the kids get off to school. Not sure how much longer I can wear the flip-flops, so I’m going to have to (sadly) let that little piece of California go, and probably buy proper shoes. Oh, and a real coat. Again, where is the outdoor store here? I miss you REI!


I also went to Colonial Williamsburg on Sunday during my day off and it was a fabulous little road trip in the area. More on that, including pictures, later this week.


Comments on: "Virginia is for…" (8)

  1. krissy m. murphy said:

    I have one of the VA TNT shirts! Okay, well a few 😉

    Hope to meet you this weekend! When are you going to the expo?

    • Ahhh, I really want one! They are super cute (our chapters obviously weren’t as awesome).

      I’ll probably go to the expo in the evening. I work 550am-750am, then 1220-around 6pm, so I’ll have to race over there as soon as I’m done with work. I could attempt to be there right when it opens, but then I’d only be able to stay for about half an hour, and don’t want to chance not making it back in time to get the kids from school. What time are you heading to the expo?

  2. I love that shirt! I have it in light pink and I got it for $1!!! I’m from Pittsburgh originally and when I went there a few months ago to visit my family, I found it in a thrift store there oddly enough! Had to get it. Though I’ve never lived in VA, I’ve always loved the motto. Now that I live in NC, I’m still super close to VA and entertained the thought of going up there for that Wicked race–but I chose to one locally here this weekend. {My sis lives in DC so I travel up through there often!} Have fun this weekend and good luck finding more running/outdoor stores!

    • $1?! That’s an amazing find! Mine was WAY more than that 🙂

      Local races are the best, but it’s always fun to travel to one. I read your blog about running in DC and it looks great! I’m headed up there after the Wicked 10k to visit a friend, but will only have about 26 hours there, so not much time with so many things to do and see!

  3. That’s pretty cool…. every state should be for runners! California misses you too!

  4. LOL, welcome to Virginia! J&A’s races are the best around here. There is a Trader Joe’s in Virginia Beach (but no not Chesapeak) They also just opened a Whole Foods almost directly across the street from TJoe’s. Well it would make your day off trip more worth while. see you at Wicked!

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