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Battle of the Coasts

My brain is torn. I’m half on the east coast, half on the west coast. Physically I’m in Virginia, but mentally I’m packed and headed back to California.

I’m trying to make the most of my remaining 15 days here before I fly home – even though the remaining 2 weekends will be spent out of state (but 2 fabulous weekends visiting friends and family). I’m also trying to get the most out of my gym membership since I don’t know if I’ll be able to get one once I get home since I’ll be unemployed (oy).

Stationary bike, can you please fit into my carry-on? I did this because I was about to try Cracker Barrel for the first time. Better believe that gym trip beforehand was necessary!

I headed to Colonial Williamsburg yesterday for the last time, to enjoy the fresh air, costumes, history, atmosphere, fresh air and to clear my head a bit. I wish I was staying longer so I could explore some more of the area!

20121105-202150.jpg Oh nothing much, just a little George Washington action going on here.

And I also have to point out that I’m a big procrastinator. Some of my best papers in college were written in crunch time. My latest trip to Europe was the same way. I didn’t really have an agenda and was just winging it. I had some clothes and my passport; I’d be fine wandering around Europe for awhile!

The same can be said for race photos. I bought the finish line photo from the very first half marathon I did to commemorate my first big race, how hard I had worked, my time with Team in Training, and finishing with my nephews picture. Since then I haven’t really purchased any because either a) the photographer didn’t get a picture of anything more than a partial leg or a ponytail (ridiculous), b) my face/body was NOT happening, or c) I agonize over the available photos and cant choose which one I want. But I did finally buy a photo of my very first trail race (which was half marathon #6) that I ran in mid-September (it only took me a month and a half to decide!) It finally came in the mail today and I’m so happy I bought it 🙂


What’s your favorite race photo? Worst? (I’ve got plenty of those!)


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