My life has endless blank pages…

Family Time!

My best friend got married July 30, 2011 in southern CA (MOH fun!). My big sister got married 3 weeks later (in Sacramento). One of my cousins got married on August 1 of this year in Napa Valley (I was on MOH duty, so it was fabulous 😄) and my other cousin is getting married in Texas on February 9, 2013 (BM duty this time, so a smidge less duty, but when it’s a family members wedding, you help out whenever, wherever, and however much is needed). Needless to say its been wedding central and I’ve never worn this many dresses before!

My cousins bridal shower is this Sunday and I am SO excited to fly out for it! My flight leaves tomorrow morning at o’dark hundred and I come back super late Monday night (yay holiday weekends), and I could really use the family time. I only get to see my TX family once every couple years and they are absolutely great, so every couple years is just not enough.

After dropping the kiddos at school, I decided that this was just ridiculous:
20121109-133717.jpg Feels like 30!?!? Sorry flip flops, as much as I love you, I love having toes as well, and lets face it, frostbite is so 2008. I texted my aunt in Texas that exact picture and she said that she’d want to be wrapped in a blanket with a hot drink. I had actually sent her the weather picture from here, so clearly great minds think alike:

I was so excited for this weekend that I was all packed Monday night. The rest of the week was sheer torture. I was literally counting down the hours, every few hours. It’s down to less than 18 hours and I just can’t wait!!


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