My life has endless blank pages…

Going, going, back, back…

to Cali, Cali.

After 2 months in Virginia, I’m heading back to California. My flight doesn’t leave until 530am tomorrow, but I wouldn’t have had a ride so guess who’s sleeping in the airport tonight? And by sleeping I mean doing everything I can to stay awake all night to guard all my bags since people can come and go as they please. It’s not going to be pretty and neither will my face/personality tomorrow. Sorry people on my flights!

Before heading back, I had one last thing to do – head to DC to visit a friend from my study abroad year. When we were in Germany we saw each other pretty much every day. We ate together, we traveled together, we slept in über sketchy hostels together, we got into shenanigans together. I haven’t seen her in person since the end of July 2007, so this reunion was LONG overdue.

20121120-222337.jpg While waiting for her to get off work, I stopped at this fabulous cafe called Busboys and Poets. If you live in DC/northern VA/MD, check it out. 4 locations and all FABULOUS. They also have a lot of veggie/vegan friendly items like that little number above. Fuji apple sandwich with Gorgonzola cheese and fig spread. I didn’t even care that the toasted bread was tearing up the roof of my mouth – I annihilated that sandwich. And then I wanted another. I need to try to replicate that recipe pronto.

And now a few photos from my trip:


20121120-222715.jpgMLK and baby feet (mine)

20121120-222752.jpgMe and my bff Abe, no big deal.

20121120-222834.jpgMy new bff Hank (sorry Abe). Cutey sat there and munched on that French fry while I stuffed my face with an overpriced pretzel. We chitchatted and then he started to feel the ill effects of that grease and grabbed his chest like he was having heart palpitations. You better believe I took photos and video!

20121120-223026.jpgAir and Space museum.

The trip was fabulous but much too short. Hopefully the next one won’t take 5 years and all the girls that were in Germany can all get together in the same place. Road trip anyone?

Also, I straightened my hair for the first time in months and its crazy long. It was getting in my way while packing and I almost caught it in the zipper of my suitcase. Also, if I don’t lean my head forward while pulling up my pants after going to the bathroom, it gets stuck in my underwear. Do what you will with that little nugget of information.


1. What’s the last vacation you took? Have any planned for the near future?


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