My life has endless blank pages…


This whole not having a working computer and not having a job are killing me. I need the Internet to keep me entertained, to watch my shows and search for and apply for jobs online. So please don’t be sad about my lack of blog posts (actually, be sad. I am). Twitter and Instagram are far easier from my phone than writing, editing and adding photos to a blog post, especially if it’s going to be lengthy.

I’ve returned to California from Virginia. My time in VA was short lived and I’d really like to go back to the south and the east coast again. There are just far too many things that I haven’t seen or done yet.

My blog still isn’t self-hosted, which totally bums me out, but I can’t move to self-hosted until I can pay for self-hosting, which brings me to my next point. How many jobs do I have to apply for before someone wants me?! I know it will come one day and that there are so many other people in similar situations, all vying for a limited number of jobs, but it’s definitely frustrating to put out so many resumes and cover letters and not even get chosen for an interview. Mama needs an income. The government doesn’t care that I don’t have money. They want their student loan payments!

So I’ve been keeping myself busy with visiting with family, taking my grandma to run errands since she’s not driving anymore, sporadically going to the gym, and being super sick for 2 weeks (this is the bulk if the time I’ve been home unfortunately).

My mom and I did do one fun thing and drove up to Jackson for an open casting call for the Amazing Race. Come on Phil, please pick us; we’d be AMAZING! 🙂

20121217-220804.jpg We even made it on the local news! Please note the typical Sheena face 🙂
20121217-220915.jpg This is in celebration of 2 weeks in a row that my Seahawks have shown up for their games. 2 weeks ago a 58-0 shutout of the Cardinals and this past week a 50-17 win over the Bills. One happy girl right here! This Sunday they play in the game of the week against the 49ers (my dads/families/entire bay areas team). To say that this Sunday in our house will be interesting is an understatement. I know my dad will come out dressed in his flannel 49ers pj bottoms and slippers, so I’ll be showing up in my finest blue, grey and lime green. BEAST MODE!!

This week I’ll be doing a review of the Handful bra that I won, as well as a giveaway for a sweet pair of shorts from Running Divas, so stay tuned!


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  1. Hope you make it! Love the Amazing Race!

  2. Madeline @ Food, Fitness, and Family said:

    If there is one reality show I would love to be on it is the Amazing Race. Good luck!

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