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Handful Bra Review

I was lucky enough to win a product of my choice from Handful last month. I was really excited because I had been seeing some great reviews on blogs, and I really love sports bras. More than regular bras, I’m pretty sure.

If you haven’t heard of Handful yet, let me provide you some inspiration. Handful is a company started in Portland (and lets face it, pretty much anything that comes out of Portland is amazing). Their motto is “Flatter, not Flatten.” Any lady that has ever worn a sports bra can tell you that uniboob is NOT cute. Keeping the ladies contained while working out (especially high impact activities like running) is imperative, but in times past, that has primarily meant smash em down, lock and load. Handful says “not in my house!” and provides you with a fabulous alternative.

Another really great thing about the bra is that it is also an approved mastectomy bra and features larger cut pockets that can accommodate extra pads or prosthetics. Even better part? Most insurance plans will cover the cost of a bra for survivors! Coming from someone who has had family and friends affected by breast cancer, this just makes my heart happy and eyes a wee bit teary.

20121223-112343.jpg It came to me in a matching net bag for safe machine washing.

I decided I go with the the Adjustable Handful in purple because I really like having the option of wearing it as a regular sports bra or as a racerback, depending on my top and my mood!

20121223-111951.jpg please don’t mind my love handles and back fat. Mamas got some work to do in the New Year! But look how awesome that purple looks!

I really love the adjustable straps. Primarily it will be worn as a racerback, but I switched the straps to regular straps and it works really well that way, too. The material is really great and moisture wicking and I’ve experienced zero chafing (hallelujah!) from the straps or band.

They have removable pads (that you can actually stack if you’ve had a mastectomy) that have proven to e really important since its winter! When I was conversing with the CSR after I won, and trying to determine the best size, she did tell me that it would definitely be a low impact bra for me since I’m larger-chested. Story of my life, so I wasn’t surprised. I can always use another sports bra for lounging, running around town and yoga. She wasn’t lying – it’s a low impact bra for someone my size, but it’s super comfortable.

20121223-114045.jpg See the stitching in the front? It’s cute and functional! It helps keeps your ladies separated, supported and looking ready to conquer the world.

One problem that I’ve had in the past with sports bras that are lower cut is that I fall out of them if I’m laying down, do down facing dog, etc. I think I’m the biggest size possible that can fit in a size small (34D) because I still experience this, which is the only possible negative I can find about this fabulous product.

If you’re in the market for a new, innovative and inspiring sports bra, head over to the Handful website. They have a standard sports bra, the adjustable sports bra and an adjustable tank top if you don’t wanna show all that skin. In addition, they have cute hats and an FU cancer shirt that I’m dying to own!


Comments on: "Handful Bra Review" (6)

  1. Handfuls are the only bra I EVER wear anymore. Love them to bits and pieces. I think you did a lovely review! I love the convertible bra becaus when you move the straps to the conventional style, they don’t show at low necklines. The purple is awesome!

    • Yes! I switched them over when I was wearing a lower cut sweater that had a pretty open neckline and the straps didn’t show at all!

  2. Nice review! Looks like you could nurse well in this too (and by you, I mean me:P)

  3. Sheena – what’s your email? This is Jody with Handful – thank you for the review! You are definitely a Handful!!!

    • Hi Jody, you are very welcome! I’m enjoying it a lot an Amy mom was eyeballing it as well 🙂 I think she likes the gathered part in the front. My email address is Have a happy and safe New Years! And I know, they are quite the Handful!

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