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Food poisoning is no fun!

I’m grateful it’s not me. I’ve had it twice and it’s one of the worst things ever.

We stopped at Benihana for lunch on our way to visit family in San Jose. My cousin came with us and started feeling sick before we even left the restaurant. Felt sick the entire rest of the drive and we ha to pull over twice. We made it to the house, but after an hour and a half, he was still getting rid of stuff from both ends, so an ambulance came and picked him up and brought him to the hospital. He’s been there since Thursday night and it doesn’t look like he’s getting out anytime before Tuesday (Happy New Year to you!)

My mom is at the hospital with him, but he doesn’t want her to leave, so she doesn’t have access to sleep or good food or a shower… yikes.

So there will be no last weekend of 2012 runs for me, no resolution runs or anything (grateful I brought more than 1 extra pairs of undies!) Maybe I’ll take the bus and train home tomorrow?

Any snafus in your New Years plans?


Comments on: "Food poisoning is no fun!" (2)

  1. That’s awful. I’ve only had it once, and it was really no fun. I called and complained to the restaurant, and they said that there’s nothing they could do about it. Um, yes, there is!

    • Same here! I wrote to their customer service on the website and the manager called me to try to get our bill information, said he would look into it but never called back.

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