My life has endless blank pages…

I struggle with the “should I make a NY Resolution or not?” every year.  I don’t have a stellar record with keeping ones that I have made in the past, so I try to keep the attitude of “all year BEASTMODE!” instead of trying something new come January 1st. We’ll see how far all that goes next month 🙂
I’ve been trying to be good since the 1st. I was lucky enough to win a spot in the New Years, New Rules 15-day program, to help me cut out potentials allergens (super sensitive digestive tract over here), but I needed to combine the new diet with consistent exercise for the best results.  In the past, I’ve been a runner (but at times a not-so-consistent one), but I know I need to tone up and gain some muscle that’s NOT in my legs.  The midsection is in need of the most work, as well as my weak back muscles that have lead to horrible knots in my shoulders and upper back.  I signed up at the gym my mom goes to, and fingers crossed we’ll be motivators to each other to stick with the gym plan.  So far it’s been going pretty well, and I found a Intro to Bender Barre class that I enjoy. Last night we tried a TurboKick class – not a fan, let me tell you.  I also won a $10 gift card from Road Runner Sports during a Twitter chat – now that’s motivation to get moving!

ImageOne thing that can hinder the workouts – football season. Don’t laugh, you know it’s true if you love the game! During football season, Sundays are reserved for snacking and agonizing (if you’re a Seahawks fan of course).  Now it’s Playoff season, which means Saturdays and Sundays are reserved! This past weekend I was in San Jose for my nephews 4th birthday party, and decided to stay for football watching on Sunday. I brought my new Russell Wilson jersey, stayed in my sweatpants and threw my jersey over my longsleeve pj top (keepin it classy, you know!) and started to get nervous before the game even started. I mean come on, it was the Redskins and RGIII.

ImageI was hiding under my blanket (with pizza leftover from the party of course) by the middle of the first half.  The Redskins scored 2 TD’s right out of the gate! Bah it was going to be a rough game. Luckily we came back (despite us playing like GARBAGE) and got the win, but I’m fairly certain had RGIII been 100%, we would have been KILLED. This 12th man still remains faithful though!

ImageThis next game will also be a nail-biter. The FALCONS have been ridiculous this season, we played like garbage last week, they had a bye week last week so will be well rested, but have never won a playoff game. Yikes.

I’ve been known to head to the gym when I needed to watch important things on TV – presidential speeches, sports, Grey’s Anatomy (don’t judge).  I didn’t have a tv/cable the entire time I was in San Diego (2.5 years), so if there was something good on tv/football season, we’d have to go elsewhere to watch. Most times that meant sports bars = eating/drinking really unhealthy.

I’m a bit sore from the 2nd half of TurboKick last night, but Bender Barre is tonight at 515pm, so I’ll be there for that, and then again on Friday because as good as I’d like to be, I know I won’t be there on Saturday or Sunday!  The bad thing is that the other branch of the In-Shape Fitness that’s in town is closed for renovation while they make it super fancy, so EVERYONE goes to ours = classes are extra crowded, machines are full, parking lot SUCKS anytime after about 4pm 😦

1.  Did you set a New Years Resolution? How have you been doing with it?

2.Which football are you rooting for in the Playoffs? (or if your team isn’t in it, who’s your team?)


Comments on: "Should we call it a Resolution?" (1)

  1. My new year resolution was to be more patient with results. I work with GE Healthcare here in chicago and patience is a must which I have been working on since the 1st.

    My NFL team are the Chicago Bears!!! Hoping that john gruden or bill cower lol hey I can dream!

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