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Roo Sport

Have any of you had a chance to check out or use the Roo Sport?


If you’re like me, you run with a whole lot of stuff. On normal training runs, I bring my phone (for the camera, music, GPS sometimes and safety), keys (car or house, depending on where I’m running), chapstick, bandaids (boo blisters), and all that stuff can weigh you down – especially if you have no hips or junk in your trunk to keep your shorts up 🙂 I started off with things in the pockets of my shorts or pants, then started to hold my phone in my hand (let’s face it, it gets sweaty), then bought a SpiBelt, and that seemed to work pretty well. Sometimes it bounces around, depending on where I have it placed, but it can cause an unattractive muffin top – not good for race photos!

It’s received pretty good reviews on their website – a little over 30 reviews, all with 4-5 stars. They have positive comments on their Facebook page as well, with customer photos.

Since I have to pack my own fuel for races (sensitive stomach), I’m glad it has room for energy gels (go Honey Stinger!) and it might be kind of nice to have separate pockets for different items. I’ve had the misfortune in past races of trying to unzip my SpiBelt while it’s around back and have my chapstick or salt tablets or cash fall out, then have to stop and pick it up. It looks like you just stand your gels upright in the main pocket, and then once you snap it to your waistband, they’re just hanging out, ready for you to need them! The tabbed part of the energy gel is sticking up, so you just grab a gel, rip the tab off and eat. No messing around with zippers, trying to pull your belt around to make sure you’re grabbing one and haven’t dropped anything in the process, no stapling your gels to your waistband (I’ve seen it done and seen cuts from the inside of staples!). And it can even hold 6 gels! The longest I run are halves, so I only need 3 in the beginning, and I eat one right before the gun goes off, so 2 standing upright for the race, plus room for my chapstick at the ready, which is great! For you marathoners and ultra marathons, you can have 6 gels at your fingertips!


I’m also intrigued by the design. Since it’s not a belt, you don’t have to worry about it chafing all around, riding up or bouncing too much. It has magnets on both sides of the pocket and it basically just snaps onto the waistbelt of your running bottoms! And it has an opening for your earbuds!

I haven’t seen anything like this out there yet, so I’d really love to hear from you if you’ve had a chance to try it out and what you think of it!


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