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Save a penny for a rainy day

Maybe back in the day, but pennies don’t get you much nowadays! We all know how quickly we can spend money when we have cash (I frequently have “how did I spend the entire $20 bill already?!” moments).  I’m a pretty frugal person (thanks grandparents for teaching me that), I don’t often spend money on myself, have clothes that are years and years old that are still in great shape, love thrift shops, and hate shopping.  All of that has allowed me to save money for a rainy day.  That rainy day came around at the end of November when I became unemployed.  I still had a small credit card bill, my cell phone and student loans, not to mention car insurance and gas. 

I’ve been job searching like crazy since then (seriously, it’s getting super frustrating by now, since I’ve been applying like no other with not much coming back to me. I’ve had a few interviews, but they haven’t lead to anything).  I’m not eligible for unemployment, so I’m trying to spend as little as possible until I have an income.  I saw a cute little DIY jar on Pinterest (naturally) and read a corresponding article of a couple who were saving for their wedding. Anytime they were shopping and spent cash, if their change back included a $5 bill, they put it in a jar and didn’t spend it. They did this for a year and a half and when they counted it out, they had saved a few thousand dollars in five dollar bills! I can’t for the life of my find that article again, but there are other good ones on the internet.

The whole unemployed/spend as little/save much plan isn’t flawless, but any $5 bills that I get back in change (or that are gifted to me as balato by my Lola or aunties when I play BINGO with them!), I put them in an old jar I’ve had for years and sparingly threw change in. I started it in mid-January (had to take 2.5 weeks off since I was in Texas on vacation), so 2 weeks in January and a week back from Texas and I’ve already saved $25!

I’m hoping to keep this going all year and use it for a vacation/running registration fund.


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  1. We do it too, girl! We actually have two jars. One jar our oldest is in charge of, it’s for big vacations. At the end of the day, she asks us for any change and $1 bills. We have any, we have to cough it up. She’s even been so generous as to putting any $$ she gets from relatives because her vacation goal is Disney World or a Hawaii vacation to the Disney resort there!
    The second jar my husband started after seeing a similar idea on ponterest, this jat is to save up for something special just the two of us. The original idea was to put $1 in the jar every week (increasing the amount each week) so at the end of the year, you’d have about $1300. He changed it so that it would be an easier concept to grasp mentally (I can afford to put that much in the jar); sun- $1 mon-$2 and so on throughout the week, starting over every sun at 1!

    Have you thought about the $1 every time you work out/run?? That would be a good one to do too!!

    And girl, dm or fb me your email address! I’ll forward you all of the job emails I get from the veterans’ reps from the EDD office that I get every single day! I’m not really job hunting since I want to wait until later this yr after I’ve spent time with the baby!!

    • That’s a good idea! I should do the $5 jar still but add a second one for $1 For every day I run or work out. I jut started an 18 week training program and its supposed to be 5x a week (if I don’t slack) so that’s a good start!

      I’ll DM you right now!

  2. […] you read my post back in February about saving for a rainy day, you’d know I started a $5 savings jar. At the end of the day, if I had a $5 bill in my […]

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