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Texas Wedding

I recently got back to California from a little over 2 weeks in Texas for my cousins wedding. It’s something we’ve been planning for and get super excited over since they got engaged about a year ago.  Love my cousin to pieces (we’re a lot alike and get along great) and love her fiance as well (we get along really well and love to watch sports together. WIN!), and they’ve been dating since she was 17… ah high school love!

Her wedding planning style is something I see myself doing. She didn’t stress over anything, wasn’t a bridezilla, picked what she wanted and didn’t change her mind or second guess her choices, and when it wasn’t something truly important, she didn’t care, as long as it looked good. So refreshing!

I’ve been in a couple weddings in the last few years and had hair and make-up done for both, and liked both (loved one, liked another).  This one, not so much (I guess everything is bigger in Texas, but not necessarily better?) Hair and make-up fails, as evidenced by the following pictures.  For my hair, I initially asked for a similar style to what I wore for the first wedding, which I loved and got a lot of compliments on.  The stylist looked at it and said he couldn’t do it because he didn’t know how to braid. You do event hair and don’t know how to braid?! So I had to scramble in the salon to find another hairstyle. I settled on the style on the left, after confirming with him that he could do it. The end result? The photo on the right, NOTHING like the photo I showed him, and looked like a rats nest:


It was already falling before the ceremony started, and had so many stray hairs hanging down that another bridesmaid had to try to salvage it with more bobby pins and hairspray while getting dressed.

The make-up was eh as well (moreso than the hair).  A few of us opted for the more expensive airbrush option, since it looks better and stays better. I had airbrush done for the first wedding I was in, and it looked AMAZING! Seriously flawless through the ceremony, reception and into the night.  When we got to the church to get dressed, my face looked like a caked on oil pan. So sad. The following pictures were taken after the reception. It was so blotchy and flaky and gross. I’m hoping that the photographer didn’t get any close up photos of me at the reception 😦

ImageDespite that, the wedding and reception were amazing! The ceremony was traditional Catholic mass (minus cord and veil), and was just beautiful.  The reception was SO MUCH FUN! Definitely the reception winner for all the weddings. Everyone had a blast, everyone got up and danced and it went until almost midnight, with everyone still partying!


Me and the father of the bride after the wedding.


Me and the bride before the ceremony started.


Only a few of the California crew


Look at that little guys face!


Jumbo cupcake tree. Enough said.

I already miss Texas!!


Comments on: "Texas Wedding" (4)

  1. Oh man that man shouldn’t have gotten paid! How horrible! Oh well, you still look pretty! 🙂

  2. I hope you leave a yelp review for that guy!

    You looked gorgeous and glad your cousin’s ceremony went off without a hitch!!

    • Thanks! I left one on the salons website (everyone rents booths/areas) but haven’t heard anything back, so they might now even check it!

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