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So this wasn’t the first time I had donated my hair, but I still get slightly anxious right before and then a wave of relief washes over me when I hear the razor-sharp scissors slicing through my ponytail.

I first cut and donated my hair to Locks of Love in 2006, at the end of my 3rd year of college,before heading to Germany for the year. 12″ of hair, gone!  Then when I was in Germany I went through periods of growing it out, cutting it shorter, getting side bangs, you name it.  When I got back in August 2007, I decided to seriously grow it out again to donate.  For the next 2 years I grew it out, and in September 2009, I cut off 10″ and sent my ponytail in to become an awesome new wig for a little girl fighting cancer or alopecia.


Donation #2

I had been letting it grow (mainly because I can’t decide on a haircut, and forget to cut my hair regularly, and like my hair at all different lengths. Spaz much?) since September 2009 (with a few trims in between), and wanted to cut it last spring, but was on strict orders from my cousin not to cut it until after her August 1 wedding. Whatev, long hair don’t care. So I kept growing it out, and wore it long for the wedding.  For over a month before the wedding, all I could talk about was chopping it off the day after the wedding (especially since I was leaving for Europe 2 days after the wedding!), but when the time came, I decided not to cut it. One of my other cousins was getting married in February, so I was going to keep it long until her wedding so I would have more hairstyle options.

I’m lazy with my hair, especially when it’s long. Messy buns are SO convenient!  I probably only put product in and diffused my curly hair once a week. The rest of the time I’d either let it air dry overnight and pull it back, or pull it back wet after the shower (not good, i know).

My cousins wedding was February 9 in Texas, and before I left to come back to California, she took me to get it cut. Since I had been growing it out for the longest period of time to date (3 years, 4 months), I knew I would have more than the minimum donation length, so I asked the stylist what 12″ would look like. She said it was still in the middle of my back! Holy moly, I didn’t realize how long it was! Go big or go home, so I told her I wanted to donate more. 


The day before the big cut!

Since my cousin knew the stylist (she works there also), after she did the ponytail, she let my cousin do the honors of cutting it off. I think she was just as nervous as I was! Even though it was my third donation, you still get little butterflies because you’re about to make a big change, until you hear the first little snip, and then you’re fine because you remember “it’s just hair. It will grow back like the other times before it, and then I can donate it again.”

ImageNo turning back now!

ImageI asked her to put the hair tie at 16″ and cut above that, which means 17″ cut from the ponytail + however much she’d have to cut to even everything up and style it = 18″ of hair came off!

After the cut, everything else was a cake walk. I wanted a slight a-line cut that I could work with the waves/curls that refuse to go away 🙂  Not as drastic as my 2009 cut (she had to take the clippers to the bottom of the back of my hair!), but similar.

ImageNo more messy buns, no more high ponytails, no more hiding my hair (well, not as much!).  Most of it fits into a tiny, ridiculous looking low ponytail, so I know I’ll end up doing that sometimes, but I ran the other day and just pulled the bangs part back in bobby pins and let the rest flow free during the run and it felt really great! I used to try to do that with my hair when it was long but it would be EVERYWHERE/get tangled/get stuck in my sweaty armpits while running. Cute, huh?

Have you every donated your hair? How much did you chop off and would you do it again?


Comments on: "The Big Cut for Locks of Love!" (8)

  1. Looks good. I need to do a hair donation again.

  2. What a cute cut! It’s very similar to mine – us curly girls can do short hair without it going out of control 🙂

    I’ve never had enough hair to donate, but if I ever did, I would donate it!

  3. Oh I am going to this soon too, ahhh! Looks good tho girl!

  4. Just came across your blog from the guest post you did, and I am loving it so far! 🙂 And I just have to say what guts it takes to do this, yet for such a good cause that is so awesome!!! Your hair still looks amazing though! You pull off both long and short great! 🙂 Can’t wait to read more from you!

    • Thank you so much! I’m really glad you like the blog. I pretty much talk about everything but try to keep most fitness related. Hopefully I’ll keep you entertained!

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