My life has endless blank pages…

I’ve been trying to get better at sticking to a training plan, as well as being more active in the blogging and social media running communities. When I saw that Mommy Run Fast had put together a fun little series called 5 by the 5th, I knew I wanted in. The goal is to run a “5” between the 1st and 5th of each month, January through June. You can choose to run a 5k or a 5 mile run. In January I ran a 5-miler (slowly), in February I ran a 5k (we were in Texas in the final days before my cousins wedding, so there wasn’t a lot of down time) and for March it just worked out with my 1/2 marathon training plan that I had my 5 mile long run planned for Saturday, March 2nd.

January was run around the neighborhood of my parents, February was run in Texas and March should have been a longer loop repeat near my parents house, but at the last minute I was able to accompany my Lola and 2 aunts to my aunts vacation house in Sea Ranch, CA. After a curvy, windy and slightly motion sick filled car ride up the coast, we arrived to beautiful landscape.

20130306-125229.jpg I knew right away my run the next morning would be amaze-balls.

Saturday morning I had a light breakfast and then headed out for a walk with my aunt before we parted and I did my run and she continued her walk. Sea Ranch is separated into the bluff side and the forest side, each full of beautiful trails, views and landscapes. Deer and sheep wander around grazing, and it sounds (and looks) so peaceful. After a 20 minute walk, we parted and I began my run.

Half a mile in and I was already getting warm, so off came my jacket. Less than a mile later my headband came off and I was becoming a sweaty beast. A ridiculously peaceful, calm, sweaty beast


I ran back towards the next town over and after about a mile and a half, turned around and headed toward the house and the other end of the bluffs. I had to go to the bathroom by mile 2 and was just trying to think of anything but those crashing waves!


I finished my run (accidentally hit end instead of pause, so it broke the run into 2 parts) with about 0.00484621 seconds to spare before officially peeing my pants! The view was totally worth it though ๐Ÿ™‚



Comments on: "5 by the 5th and running sanctuary" (2)

  1. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast said:

    Yay, great job! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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