My life has endless blank pages…

I’ve been in this boat before… a few times. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the water, but I don’t EVER want to be in this boat again.

When I first started running & training for my first half marathon, I started to get tender shins. I had no idea what it was and I took a week or 2 off and then tried to start again with my training plan. I ended up with a small stress fracture in my tibia 😦 Season DONE.

Then about a year later, while training for another half, I started to get tender shins again. I took the month before the race off and made it through race day. That was my 2nd half. I’ve done 7 halves to date and have my 8th in less than a month.

Guess what’s creeping up again? Tender/sore tibias 😦 Tender to the touch in a couple spots.

I’ve started to ice them in the hopes that it will help heal them faster, but its a slow process and over the past couple days, I’ve noticed that my calves seem to be winding up to the point of painful tightness and it hurts to straighten my legs to walk. They’re tight and sore and I had my cousin try to massage/dig her thumbs in them tonight. She said they don’t feel exceptionally tight, but if she applied any pressure, I was DYING.

What’s a girl to do!?


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  1. That so totally sucks. I hate having injuries (like anyone actually likes it.) Not sure if you’ve tried compression sleeves or socks? Both definitely have helped me with leg pain. Also, maybe see a physical therapist if you have a health plan that covers it. Good luck!

  2. Oh no! I’ve never had an injury with my shins (knock on wood). Ice, ice and more ice usually helps. Fingers crossed it goes away just as quickly as it came on!

  3. misszippy1 said:

    Sorry to hear you are dealing with this. Go to this site: and look up what he has to say on shin splints. He’s a really innovative holistic doctor who cured me of chronic ITBS that no one else could touch. He has great info on his site on all types of conditions, including yours. good luck!

  4. huge HEALING hugs…

  5. Definitely do above suggestions, but also, I learned that tight calf muscles are the trigger to shin splints. I’d add lots of stretching before, DURING, and after runs. And foam roll EVERYDAY! Good luck!

    • And this is something I’m horrible at! But from this amount of pain, I know I can’t skip out on good stretching anymore. I’m good at foam rolling my quads since those are the easiest to find and dissipate knots but my calves need extra love now!

  6. Have you tried compression sleeves or socks?? I only run 5ks, but I had the same problems as you until I went and was fitted for proper running shoes and they also suggested compression sleeves. Changed my life. I will actually wear them while I run AND after while I ice for recovery.

    • I have sleeves and socks and am going to have to start wearing them all the time now. I think I may need to get my shoes checked out too!

  7. I’m sorry girl I know injuries are my least favorite part of running I hope you feel better!

  8. I’ve been there. Rest, ice, compression and elevate!! Maybe it’s your shoes?!

  9. Everybody here has great suggestions. The only thing I might add is to strengthen your tibialis anterior, the muscle that runs along the front of your lower legs. Toe raises with a weight or band for resistance. You might also look into taping, using KT tape or the like. Their website has videos that show you how to tape.

  10. Oh no!!! I hope you get things feeling better fast. I think nipping it in the bud asap helps a lot. And I would perhaps go see a sports chiro/doc that can maybe figure out if there is something mechanically with your body causing this issue to reoccur so much. Hope you get some relief soon!

    • Thanks! I’ve been to a sports chiro and a sports injury masseuse and both agreed everything is biomechanically good! Which makes it more frustrating!

  11. Sorry to hear about what you’re going through. I have had very similar experiences. When trying to train for two marathons i got a stress fracture each time. Needless to say, I haven’t run that marathon yet!

    But you can’t give up. Keep icing, get the rest your body needs, and most importantly, keep your thoughts positive.

    Strength training has really helped me build my body back – resistance bands, like some of the other commentors have mentioned, are something easy you can do at home. My trainer has me use them to build my ankles!

    Keep better soon. Chin up!

    • I think I might have to buy a resistance band and figure out some good exercises to do with it to strengthen all my leg muscles and hips!

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