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Update: $5 savings jar

If you read my post back in February about saving for a rainy day, you’d know I started a $5 savings jar. At the end of the day, if I had a $5 bill in my wallet, I’d put it into a jar. Nowadays with the ease of paying with debit or credit (especially when your credit cards gives you miles or cash back or other rewards), cash isn’t used as often, so I knew this would only be maybe a once a week type of savings plan.

I started it in mid-January, but then had to take about 2.5 weeks off when I was in Texas, and another week off at the beginning of this month when i was in San Diego.  For the 2 weeks in January and a week back from Texas in February, I had $25 in the jar as of my February 23rd blog post. 3 weeks of savings, $25; not bad.From start to now, not counting the week of vacation, I’m at 5 weeks of savings, and just counted the jar and I already have $78!

Explanation about what’s going in it now:
Originally it was only going to be the change at the end of the day, if it contained a $5 bill.  Then I included $1 bills if I had over 10 of them in my wallet (which is why it’s an odd number of dollars right now), and recently I put a few things on Bookoo (if you’ve never heard of the site, it’s like Craigslist, local and free.  You can post items for sale or yard sales.  Most of the time the sites are on/near military bases).  I sold 2 pairs of jeans for $25 each, so $40 went into my regular savings account, and the 2 $5 bills went into the jar.  For Christmas I received a lotion/bath gift set, but since I have sensitive skin, I can’t use it since it’s so heavily scented, so I put it up there for $5. I just sold it today, and threw those $1 bills in the jar, too.

I have a runcation planned in June for the Rock n Roll Seattle 1/2 marathon, so I’m hoping to have enough saved up by then to cover the hotel… or my race registration… or the cost of a Mariners game with beer and hot dogs 🙂 As long as it covers some part of the trip, I’m a happy girl!


What method of savings works best for you?

Are you saving up for anything special right now?

Who got their tax returns back and said HALLELUJAH! as they deposited their checks? 🙂


Comments on: "Update: $5 savings jar" (3)

  1. I learned about the $5 savings jar from my mom! I started mine at the end of December – not sure how much I have in it – the plan is keep saving until I go on a trip this June!


    • I had never heard of it until I read a blog post about it in January, but its a great idea, especially for vacations or big events!

  2. I’m doing the $% savings club too! I haven’t checked to see how much I have yet, but like you, it’s not often that I have cash, so I’m not expecting a big pot. I’ll check it at the end of March, when I check in with my other 2013 goals!

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