My life has endless blank pages…

So this blog post extravaganza from bloggers across the interwebz was the brilliant idea of Pavement Runner: everyone blog on March 25th about what’s in their fitness closet.


I had every intention of doing this on Monday, but Monday morning I woke up to an email that I was to fly from SFO to Boston at 130pm… that day. I didn’t get to my hotel in Boston (no break in traveling) until 130am, finally fell asleep at 3am and was up at 630am to get ready for my first day of training… I’m beyond pooped, so the photos aren’t great, I have to list everything by my (horrible already but now add sleep deprived) memory, and I’m a day late to boot.

I know you’ve been anxiously awaiting my closet/drawer/shelves/gym bag! Since I had I rush to snap these pics on the way to the airport, I didn’t have time to pull everything out and lay it out nicely, which means i have to try to remember everything in the pile! Bummah!

Drawer #1: L to R – bottoms, tanks and shirts.
RRS leggings– have been a lifesaver for cold runs/races
Lululemon capris- yes, long before they were see through!
RRS shorts
New Balance- my very first pair of running shorts
Adidas soccer shorts- I’m lazy and also double these and pjs and everyday wear!
Brooks Running shorts x5- yeah, I love them!

Race tanks x2
Nike tank- first running tank purchased; still a favorite
RRS tank
C9 tank x3- Target makes some good running tank tops!
Adidas Team USA tank from the London Olympics- will always be a favorite. Bought these while in London during the Olympics this past summer.

Shirts: (this pile is huge so I know I’m going to forget something)
Race shirts x5-6 (mostly Brooks thankfully!)
Ragnar shirt x2
Nike shirt
Brooks Fanatics shirt x2
Under Armour shirt (love)
Brooks shirt x3
Team in Training shirt x2

20130326-192036.jpgShelf (partial shelf anyways):
I don’t have room in the drawer or hanging in the closet for long sleeves or zip ups, so they go here.
Race l/s x4
Brooks Running Equilibrium thermal
REI l/s x2
NWM 1/2 marathon 2011 1/2 zip
Brooks ID nightlife 1/2 zip

20130326-214413.jpgThe Hat Stack!:
Race hats x3
Team in Training hat
The League Chiropractic hat
Mariners hat
Mariners visor (go M’s!)

20130326-214620.jpg The Shoe Pile:
Brooks Adrenalines x2
Brooks Cascadia (in plastic bag from traveling + they were so dirty!)
Brooks Green Silence
Brooks Pure Cadence(in my car)
Mizunos I won from a giveaway 🙂
… and a few pairs of TOMS and my beloved Hunter boots also snuck in the picture 🙂

20130326-214906.jpgSocks Galore!:
Injinji x8 (10 individual hugs for your toes)
RRS socks x5 (have replaced everyday cotton socks)
Swiftwick x2
Team in Training socks x3
Balega x2
REI hiking socks (so amazing in winter)
REI fleece socks (super rad pattern and they’re kids sizes for my baby feet)
Misc leg warmers, knee socks and softball socks

20130326-215210.jpgThe Goods:
Moving Comfort x4 (“more bounce to the ounce” is ok for a song, but not for the ladies. The Fiona, Juno and Rebound Racer are seriously lifesavers)
Lululemon tata tamer
Handful bra
Handful tank
C9 sports bras x2
misc cheap sports bras x4

20130326-215354.jpg The Mary Poppins bag o’ stuff I couldn’t live without:
Bondi Bands x7
Active Band
Knee brace, IT band strap & knee strap
Body Glide
Honey Stinger x4 (the only gels that don’t make me sick)
Salt capsules
Nuun x3 (sad departure from the 11 I had in October. Delicious an stage only drink that doesn’t make me sick)
RockTape x2… My favorite? The cow print tape 🙂
The Stick
Travel foam roller/portable death
Garmin Forerunner 305
CEP compression sleeves
Zensah compression sleeves
Fuel belt
Bay to Breakers Klean Kanteen

Oy. Hopefully you’re still with me!

What’s in your #FitnessCloset??


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  1. Love it!! I didn’t even include all of my must-have accessories, lol

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