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I just wanted to get everyone’s thoughts on the sag wagon. I realize as runners that we never want to have I use the sag wagon, but things happen, injuries, illness, etc during the race that sometimes you just can’t push through. But I have definitely met people who either run/walk/run-walk and register for a race knowing full well there is a time limit and cannot finish before the time limit.

I just received a reminder email from a 1/2 I’m registered for with further race day information, including a paragraph about the strict time limit. If you aren’t at mile 7.1 by a certain time, you WILL be picked up and transported to mile 11 so that you can finish within the cutoff time, ensuring you receive a medal and all other finisher goodies.

What are your thoughts on people who still receive a finishers medal, but didn’t actually complete their 14.1/26.2/whatever race distance they’re signed up for?


Comments on: "Sag wagon riders – your thoughts?" (4)

  1. I have never heard of this before.

    Last year when I ran my first half I chose the early start option so that I would be sure to be finished before the stated cut off time… and I watched lots of runners come in WELL after that time. I was a bit annoyed.

    But I don’t think anyone should get a finisher’s medal for not completing the whole distance under their own foot power.

    • My thoughts exactly! It’s called a finishers medal for a reason. If I can’t complete the race, I shouldn’t boast about finishing.

  2. This is news to me. I didn’t know they transported you to another spot allowing you to finish.

    I’m okay with them getting a medal. I don’t feel like it takes away from the accomplishments of others. It’s true that your finish is more rewarding and you “earned” your recognition by doing the distance. But I understand that it may have taken a lot of strength and determination for someone to get to the race. Everyone’s journey is different and if by showing up on race day is enough for that person, so be it.

  3. Ha, this is ridiculous! If you don’t finish you shouldn’t receive a medal! I ran the Madison Marathon in 2010 and it was HOT 88 degrees with a high humidity at the start and 95 at the finish with blazing sun. Didn’t run my best 3 hours and 40 minutes (not the time I was training for). I walked/Ran the last 6 miles and finished. I was completely exhausted mind you, but i finished!

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