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#RnRSF: Expo

So I realize it’s been ages since my last blog post.  I’m sorry! I’ve been meaning to do updates on running and life in general, but it’s been hectic. I went to Texas for 2.5 weeks in February, I was in San Diego for a week in March, and then (finally!) landed a job at the end of March, and had to fly to Boston for a week of training, before starting the new job in San Francisco on April 1 (luckily getting the job wasn’t an April Fools joke).

On top of all that craziness, I don’t have internet (and only a semi-functioning laptop) at home.  I’m still trying to figure out the commute deal (my family lives about an hour and 20 minutes form the city with NO traffic. Count commuting traffic in, and you’re looking at about 2 hours each way, plus $11 in toll… yikes).  There’s a ferry I could take, but that would be about 30 minutes drive, an hour ferry ride and about 20 minutes of walking. Still a 2 hour commute each way, and the ferry is about $22 a day. So for the 2 weeks since I started, I’ve been staying with a friend from high school in Alameda, and commuting from there.  It’s about a 25 minute drive + 20 minute BART ride + 15 minutes of walking each way, so about half the commuting time, and it’s only $8.10 per day. Yahtzee!  It’s been great so far (except my car was broken into on Tuesday sometime when parked at the BART station… it’s Oakland though, so I was expecting no less).  More on the job later, since I wanted this one to be all about the Inaugural Rock n Roll San Francisco 1/2 marathon!

If you know me, you know I LOVE race expos. Love with a passion.  I love the hype, I love wandering the aisles, I love spending my money on amazing stuff, I love the samples, I love the energy, and I love them even more when they’re sponsored by Brooks and/or have guest speakers (did I mention that I got to meet Chrissy Wellington?!).  I headed to the #RnRSF after work on Friday, had tweeted with Pavement Runner and my (old) local Brooks Guru Toby in the hopes that I could catch either of them while I was there… Lucky me was able to see both of them, plus another local Brooks Guru, TBux.


The one and only Pavement Runner!

I wandered the aisles for a little while, bought a RnRSF guitar magnet to commemorate it’s Inaugural year, bought some Honey Stingers gels and Nuun (my staples) and then headed to Bart.  It was a smaller expo compared to what I’m used to (RnRSD is HUGE!), but I loved every minute of it.

The expo only got me more fired up for my 8th marathon the next morning! … more on that a little bit later 🙂


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  1. Wonderful to meet you. Hope the commute situation works itself out…

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