My life has endless blank pages…

I’ve always enjoyed walking around town, and during the year I lived in Germany, I only drove twice (during road trips). Transportation around our little university town was all walking or biking (or to get up or down the giant hill between town and the dorms, the bus).

It was precisely that walking that kept me from blowing up like Violet Beauregard in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, since I love food. Europe provided me with so much deliciousness that I was able to keep steady weight, while eating said weight in pastries and gelato and German bread.

When I started the job at the end of last month in San Francisco, I started walking every day. I take the bus into San Francisco and then walk a mile to work. After work I walk another mile to the transit center. When doing errands in the city, if its under 2.5 miles, you just walk (unless you’re under a strict time constraint). Walking sometimes gets you there faster than a cab or bus.

Tonight after work, I got home just after 7pm and needed to go to the bank to deposit some cash. I quickly changed clothes, grabbed a drawstring bag from my trunk and headed out to run to the bank.

I made my deposit and then headed to the grocery store to pick up a few apples, a few bananas and a big bundle of asparagus. I put all of it in the drawstring backpack and had intended on walking home so as not to bounce/bruise the fruit, but just after leaving, my bladder decided it wanted to go from empty to full in a matter of about 5 seconds.

I held the drawstrings of the backpack taut to the sides, holding the fruits and veggies firm against my back and started to run. Oh man was it the most awkward run EVER.

Did I look ridiculous with my arms like that? YES. Did I possibly semi bruise the banana that was up against my back? YES. Did I give my shoulders rope burn from the drawstrings being tight and rubbing on my shoulders? YES (and ouch). Did I make it home with minimal seconds to spare before peeing my pants? YES (and whew!)

It wasn’t fast but I did my errands with no car, no emissions and no wasted time!



Comments on: "Why drive when you can run? (Or walk)" (2)

  1. The grocery store is the only store within walking distance to my house. When the weather is nice, I will often run while pushing the kids to pick up anything we might need from the store.

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