My life has endless blank pages…

Yesterday I posted on my Twitter account about helping out Boston one more time.

#Saucony has come out with these sweet #BostonStrong Lace Medallions (shoe tags):



I received a couple responses from fellow bloggers about absolutely loving these. They are available for pre-order (will ship in about 4 weeks) and every single penny of the $5 cost (for a pair) goes to One Fund Boston.

Description from their website:
In an effort to inspire runners to honor and support the people most affected by the tragic events that occurred in Boston on April 15, Saucony has created the #BostonStrong Lace Medallion to be offered as a fundraiser for The One Fund Boston. The two-sided medallion features the viral hashtag and unity motto #BostonStrong on one side and a custom-designed, laced-up heart icon on the other. For every pair of medallions purchased, Saucony will donate 100% of sales to The One Fund Boston, established by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino to help the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.


I pre-ordered 4 pairs (totally not overkill when all of it goes to One Fund Boston… Plus, I like even numbers, and since shipping is free, an even $20 is perfect).  A pair or 2 for myself, and a couple pairs for friends (… or a giveaway on the blog perhaps?).  Pavement Runner and myself are (not so) secretly holding out hope that Saucony will come out with color and city-specific lave medallions, and would love a pair of #BostonStrongSF in orange. If that happens, I’ll be buying more for sure.

CLICK HERE TO ORDER your #BostonStrong Lace Medallion


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