My life has endless blank pages…

☮ About me

Hi – I’m Sheena (Shenna, Bean, Sheena Bean, Shoshana, you name it).   Brand new to the blogging world and trying my best not to mess it up. Help is always appreciated 🙂

I’m a nomad and have lived in many places. I grew up here and there, settled in San Diego for college, left for a year, but missed the weather and tacos.  Trying to find my way in a crazy confusing world – easier said than done.  Live, laugh, love, eat and travel. Words to live by, and I try my hardest to please! I love food, but it doesn’t always love me back. A lady with food allergies that loves to eat – oy. Vegetarian and lactose intolerant and still struggling sometimes.  Anyone have any good recipes I should try? Always open to new food 🙂

I started running more seriously in 2010 and owe it all to Team in Training. For those that know my personal connection, you can understand why it’s such a great organization.  I just completed my 3rd season with them and can’t wait to go back for another. 5 1/2 marathons are in the bag, and a full is on my bucket list (international race, anyone??)

I’ve been told a time or two (or a dozen) that I’m an old soul. I agree.


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